Representing diverse majors and minors across the arts, humanities, sciences, and social sciences, our expert staff of trained peer tutors is here to help you with speaking and listening endeavors across academic disciplines, courses, and assignments. All tutors have successfully completed RHET 101: Public Speaking and RHET 220: Teaching Speaking & Listening. Many tutors have also taken additional coursework in rhetoric such as RHET 110: Argumentation and Debate and RHET 201: Introduction to Rhetoric.


Speaking & Listening tutors can help with any assignment for any course across the curriculum, and especially with those in their own disciplinary areas of study and expertise.

  • American Studies: Silas McClung, Alison Ritcher
  • Anthropology: Claire Chiles
  • Biology: Claire Chiles, Kenedi Clinton, Eloise Seward, Mitch Shakespeare, Tiani Williams
  • Business: Sophia Burr,  Addison Hall, Silas McClung, Will McDonald, Emma Wharton
  • Chemistry: Claire Chiles
  • Civic and Global Leadership: Kenedi Clinton, Zach Shunnarah 
  • Creative Writing: Peter Burditt
  • Economics: Kaj Knudsen, Emma Wharton
  • English: Kathryn Bailey, Peter Burditt, Gracie Hughes, Amanda Schlegel
  • Environment and Sustainability: Caroline Ambrosi, Mitch Shakespeare
  • Finance: Addison Hall, Will McDonald
  • History: Silas McClung
  • International and Global Studies: Parker Evans, Kaj Knudsen, Ruth Lunsford, Kylea Michael, Emily Morgan
  • Mathematics: Zach Shunnarah
  • Neuroscience: Kylea Michael 
  • Politics: Tony Gonzalez, Silas McClung, Molly Jirgal, Emily Morgan, Zach Shunnarah
  • Psychology: Gracie Hughes, Kylea Michael, Sloan Rogers, Amanda Schlegel
  • Religious Studies: Sophia Burr
  • Rhetoric: Caroline Ambrosi, Kathryn Bailey, Peter Burditt, Sophia Burr, Kenedi Clinton, Parker Evans, Kaj Knudsen, Ruth Lunsford, Will McDonald, Alison Ritcher, Sloan Rogers, Mitch Shakespeare
  • Spanish: Parker Evans, Molly Jirgal, Ruth Lunsford
  • Women's and Gender Studies: Sophia Burr, Sloan Rogers

Several Speaking & Listening tutors speak second, third, and even fourth languages‒and bring a working knowledge of these languages to your appointment with them. 

  • Chinese: Peter Burditt (beginner)
  • German: Silas McClung (beginner)
  • Italian: Sophia Burr (beginner)
  • Spanish: Parker Evans, Tony Gonzalez, Molly Jirgal (beginner), Emma Wharton


Caroline Ambrosi 

Caroline is a senior from Bethesda, Maryland. She is majoring in Environment and Sustainability with the desire to possibly go into Environmental Policy. She plays Field Hockey and is a member of Theta Kappa Phi. 

Kathryn Bailey

Kathryn Bailey is a senior from Savannah, Georgia who is majoring in English.

Peter Burditt

Peter is a junior from Kansas City, Missouri. He is an English and Creative Writing major, with a minor in Rhetoric. He is a staff writer for the Sewanee Purple and a member of the men's varsity lacrosse team.

Sophia Burr

Sophia is a junior from Atlanta, Georgia. She is pursuing a major in Religious Studies with a double minor in Italian and Rhetoric. She is a member of Cambiata and is involved in Greek Life. Sophia is also a Student Research Fellow for the “Go Tell It On the Mountain” Project. 

Claire Chiles

Claire is a sophomore from Nolensville, TN. She intends to major in Anthropology and double-minor in Biology and Chemistry, She is the Director of Philanthropy and Community Service for Kappa Delta, a dialogue facilitator for Dialogues Across Difference, a member of the Order of the Gown, and an employee at the University Childcare Center.

Kenedi Clinton

Kenedi is a senior from Dallas, Texas. She is a Biology major, a Rhetoric minor, and is also pursuing the Civic and Global Leadership Certificate. She is a member of the volleyball team, Phi Kappa Epsilon, and the chair of Sewanee's NCAA DEI Committee.

Parker Evans

Parker is a senior from Birmingham, Alabama. She is an International and Global Studies major with a geographic focus on Europe and a thematic focus on culture and society with a double minor in Spanish and rhetoric. Along with being a CS&L tutor, she is a member and the rush chair for Phi Kappa Epsilon. Additionally, Parker is the social media intern for Greensview Grill. 

Tony Gonzalez

Tony is a sophomore from Washington D.C. studying politics. He is a Posse Scholar and rides for the Sewanee Equestrian Team. 

Addison Hall

Addison is a senior from Cookeville, Tennessee. She is majoring in Finance and minoring in Business. She is an executive member in the Rotaract club as one of the chair holders for Relay for Life. She is an Arcadian Leader for the admissions office, as well as a member of Theta Kappa Phi. 

Gracie Hughes

Gracie is from Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida. She is a senior majoring in English and minoring in Psychology. She is also a member of the Women's Tennis team at Sewanee. Gracie is a very creative and a quick learner, and is excited to offer her help to her fellow students!

Molly Jirgal

Molly Jirgal is a junior from Chicago, Illinois. She is pursuing a major in Politics and a minor in Spanish. In addition to tutoring at the CS&L, she is a shift manager at Stirling's Coffee House, a Finding Your Place mentor, an Arcadian campus tour guide, and a member of the Order of the Gown. Molly sees public speaking as a skill that anyone can learn and perfect with enough time and practice!

Kaj Knudsen

Kaj is a junior from Birmingham, Alabama. He intends to major in International and Global Studies and minor in Economics. Kaj is a member of the swim team, Honor Council, and the Sewanee Volunteer Fire Department. 

Ruth Lunsford

Ruth is a sophomore from Charlottesville, Virginia. She intends to major in International and Global Studies and minor in Spanish and Business. Ruth is a member of the Bonner Leader Program and a member of Phi Kappa Epsilon. 

Silas McClung

Silas McClung is a junior from Crossville, Tennessee. He intends to major in Politics and minor in Business. He is an active member of Greek life, runs for Sewanee's XC/Track and Field team, and engages on campus as a RISE Scholar. Silas is also a Student Research Fellow for the Go Tell It On the Mountain Project and a Student Research Assistant for the Roberson Project.

Will McDonald 

Will McDonald is a senior from Birmingham, Alabama. He is a Finance major with minors in Business and Rhetoric. Outside of being a tutor for the CS&L, Will is a Senator on the Student government association, a member of the Order of the Gown, and a member of the Sigma Nu fraternity. When not tutoring, Will can be found biking around Sewanee’s campus or grubbing in McClurg. Will believes that the most important part of public speaking is making a speech unique with a clear and natural delivery.

Kylea Michael

Kylea is from Winchester, TN. She is pursuing a majors in Neuroscience and Psychology, with a minor in International and Global Studies. Outside of the Center, she is a senator on the Student Government Association, a member of the Psychology Club, a member of the Neurds Club, and a member of the Order of the Gown. She is also involved with the Kappa Delta sorority and a Sewanee cheerleader. Find Kylea also working at Cup & Gown in duPont Library!

Emily Morgan

Emily Morgan is a junior from Bowling Green, Kentucky. She is a Politics major with a concentration in International Affairs and a minor in International and Global Studies. Outside of the classroom, she is a member of the Order of the Gown, the Sewanee Women's Golf team, and Theta Pi sorority.

Alison Ritcher

Alison Ritcher is a junior from Lexington, Kentucky. She is an American Studies major and a Rhetoric minor. She is also a member of Alpha Delta Theta sorority.

Sloan Rogers

Sloan Rogers is a sophomore from Nashville, Tennessee. She is a double-major in Psychology and Women's and Gender Studies, with a minor in Rhetoric. Sloan is a member of the Bairnwick Women's Center and Kappa Delta sorority. One of her favorite quotations is by Eleanor Roosevelt: "It is better to light a candle than curse the darkness."

Amanda Schlegel

Amanda is a senior from Chattanooga, Tennessee and is double-majoring in Psychology and English. She never tires of the classics: Poe, Bronte, and Wilde. Her love of Sewanee has gotten her involved as a tour guide, tutor, Crew Team member, and Food Literacy Board Advisor. Amanda strives for balance between elegant and conversational speaking. 

Eloise Seward

Eloise Seward is a senior from Haverford, Pennsylvania. She plans to major in Biology and eventually pursue medical school. Along with being a CS&L tutor, she is a member of the Order of the Gown and involved in Greek life as an executive member of Phi Kappa Epsilon. She is a music fanatic, socially adept, and loves to regularly visit the Sewanee Cross with friends. To Eloise, public speaking is about honing in on your individual personality traits to deliver a unique speech.

Mitch Shakespeare

Mitch Shakespeare is a junior from Arlington, Virginia. He is majoring in Environment and Sustainability with a double-minor in Biology and Rhetoric. He works on the University Farm, is a member of the Purple Haze Rugby Team, and is the self-proclaimed historian for Delta Tau Delta fraternity, When not in class or working, you can find Mitch playing pool and poker, hiking, and climbing.

Zach Shunnarah

Zach Shunnarah is a senior from Birmingham, Alabama. He is majoring in Mathematics, minoring in Politics, and pursuing a Civic and Global Leadership certificate. In addition to being a CS&L tutor, Zach is a Bonner fellow and plays soccer on Sewanee's varsity team. He enjoys helping students with a variety of speaking and listening aspects, including engaging the audience and the elements of movement.

Emma Wharton

Emma Wharton is a junior from Charlottesville, Virginia. She is majoring in Economics and minoring in Business. Emma is a member of Theta Kappa Phi and enjoys spending time outside with friends.

Tiani Williams

Tiani Williams is a junior from Maryland studying Biology on the pre-dental track. She is a Posse Scholar and serves as president of Phi Sigma Theta, a pre-dental advisor, an academic coach, and a CS&L tutor.