The University Art Gallery is delighted to present Afterswarm, a group exhibition by graduating senior art majors Rebecca Dorward, Elizabeth Konradi, Maria Mattingly, Sarah Signorino, and Brionna-Joy Wiggins.

"Afterswarm" is a term that describes the behavior of a group of insects (particularly bees) after they leave their original swarm. As artists, Rebecca Dorward, Elizabeth Konradi, Maria Mattingly, Sarah Signorino, and Brionna-Joy Wiggins are interested in exploring the metaphor of afterswarm through various media. Their work delves into the complex emotions and psychological states that people experience during periods of transition and adjustment. Through dream-like compositions they reveal the value of solitude and memory.

Creating work that highlights the beauty and fragility of the natural world, and that explores perception and consciousness, the artists take an unconventional look at memory, emotion, and interpersonal relationships. Dorward says, "privacy is precious, and I am interested in using art to celebrate solitude as a time of rest, reflection, creativity, and individuation." By depicting landscapes that invite exploration and that hold personal significance for the artist, Konradi prompts reflection, and experiences of memory through landscape. Wiggins juxtaposes grayscale inks and colorful oil paints to create a marked contrast, and to invoke a journey-a transition from a place of distress to a place of joy. Signorino challenges the viewer's perception of space and relationships between objects to inspire a sense of wonder and curiosity.” Finally, Mattingly's platinum-palladium prints offer respite and stillness amidst a rapidly changing world. Afterswarm aims to create a sense of empathy and understanding among viewers, and to inspire them to consider their own experiences of growth and transformation in relation to the world around them.