Current Exhibition

The University Art Gallery is delighted to present Somos by multimedia artist Edgar Reyes, on view in the University Art Gallery through October 15.


In Somos, the personal and specific become communal. Images of loved ones, of remembered places, are filtered, layered and abstracted. Printed on chiffon or canvas, the images float in the air or drape the wall. Places and people from the past are honored, held on to, and shared. In other pieces, vividly colored abstractions repeat motifs drawn from traditional Mesoamerican and Mexican artwork, or present new patterns representative of a common experience. Images of plants, native and non-native, cultivated in a family garden or at large agricultural scale, weave through the exhibition, emblematic of displacement and exploitation, but also of home and resilience.


Please join us!

Edgar Reyes will present his work to the Sewanee community in conversation with Assistant Professor of Spanish Lucía García-Santana on Sept. 30 at 5 p.m. in Guerry Auditorium. 

Experience the exhibition from afar!    The UAG is pleased to offer a video tour of Somos for those unable to visit in person. Enjoy!


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Past Exhibitions

The University Art Gallery was honored to present Allegiance, a quiet and intimate exhibition of complex and beautiful woven textiles by Los Angeles-based artist Diedrick Brackens, on view from Oct. 25 through Dec. 13, 2019.

In Allegiance, Brackens plays with our expectations and associations, turning symbols, lyrics, and materials to new purposes. He refashions American and Confederate flags, he quotes and recasts the lyrics to the minstrel song Dixie and to the hymn Holy, Holy, Holy, he makes the language of advertising both sentimental and subversive, and he - an African American whose antecedents picked cotton in Texas - self-consciously transforms that fraught material into beautiful textiles.