2022-2023 Season

This past academic year the UAG had more than 2880 visitors. Our exhibitions served 55 class visits and over a dozen college departments and programs. The UAG hosted 16 public events - from talks, to Climate Accountability Plan information sessions, to Arts Amplified performances - and welcomed Benjamin Network alumni and prospective students and their families during special events.

The UAG reopens August 25 for an ambitious season that includes sculptor Nathalie Miebach’s translations of meteorological and pandemic data into brightly colored, fragile paper constructions; Sisavanh Phouthavong-Houghton’s renderings of experiences of displacement and war in abstract, dynamic, and unsettling paintings; Marielle Plaisir’s lush multimedia play with legacies of race, power and class; and the careful thesis work of our next class of graduating senior art majors.

See you again soon!