Office hours for both courses I am teaching (203 and 362) will be held virtually on Zoom. Meeting appointments can be held via Zoom or outdoors in person. 

362 The plan is to meet face to face. However, if circumstances change or if a majority of the students prefer it, we'll meet on Zoom. Either way it will run the same as other literature courses. 

203 To best meet our learning objectives, the course will use a blended format, one that combines non-synchronous online work with synchronous face-to-face or online meetings. Much of what we ordinarily do in a language classroom would be difficult or impossible in a masked and socially distanced classroom. The blended format is intended to ensure safety, grant us flexibility in the face of changing circumstances, and incorporate students who cannot attend in person. It will afford us various ways to learn Spanish that target different learning styles. Our course will be housed on the Brightspace learning management system. All announcements and assignments will be posted there. Your homework will primarily consist of studying the textbook, completing the textbook’s online components, completing communicative tasks in Spanish, and interacting online with the instructor and students in written and video discussion boards on Brightspace. We will use synchronous (live) meetings to practice speaking and listening. Expect to meet with some or all of your class once or twice a week on Wednesdays and Fridays. Please leave all four class times open in your schedule for potential meetings. We will meet face to face outdoors following the University’s Covid-19 protocols or by Zoom. We will make the necessary accommodations for students who are unable to attend in person.