The Center for Speaking & Listening and the Rhetoric program are committed to elevating the level of public discourse in our all-too-rancorous republic; to listening to one another with open minds and open hearts; to answering racist, bigoted, and uninformed speech with reasoned, informed, and considered judgment; to reading and writing, speaking and listening as befits a liberally educated adult; and to meeting defamatory utterances with passionate eloquence, guided and directed by reason, that is clear and forceful and strong.


Accordingly, we condemn the racist comments and actions directed at our guests, Emmanuel College’s lacrosse team, on Saturday, March 13, 2021 and at our President and Vice Chancellor, Reuben Brigety II and his family over the course of this academic year. We join others in our learning community in protesting these incidents and remain committed to creating a culture of eloquence that is robust, vigorous, inclusive, and free of hate.


If you have information about these incidents or other acts of hate, bias, discrimination, or harassment, please report them.


Students needing support during this time are encouraged to contact Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) at 931. 598. 1325.