Alumni of the Rhetoric Program

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Class of 2023 Rhetoric Minors

Kathryn Bailey

Kate Bailey (English and Rhetoric) currently works in Sales and Client Relations at Stradley Davidson in Charleston, South Carolina.

Fisher Calame

Paul "Fisher" Calame (English and Rhetoric) currently works as a Father Fyle Fellow and Cross-Country coach at St. Andrews Sewanee.

Dixon Cline

Dixon Cline graduated with degrees in Politics and Rhetoric in 2023.

Parker Evans

Parker Evans (International and Global Studies, Spanish, and Rhetoric) currently works on the Design Team at Garden & Gun Magazine, LLC in Charleston, South Carolina.

Francesca George

Francesca "Fran" George (Economics and Rhetoric) works as Strategist at BCG BrightHouse in Atlanta, Georgia.

Max Martin

Max Martin (Psychology and Rhetoric) works as an Admissions Counselor at Transylvania University in Lexington, Kentucky.

Will McDonald

Will McDonald (Finance and Rhetoric) is presently applying to MBA programs.

Class of 2022 Rhetoric minors

Anna Day

Anna Day (Politics, Rhetoric, & Women's and Gender Studies) is currently an Associate at Dewey Square Group in Washington D.C.

Bahley Minor

Bahley Minor (Politics & Rhetoric) is currently at Seminarian at the School of Theology at the University of the South. 

Lilly Reilly

Lilly Reilly (Psychology, Rhetoric, & Business) is currently pursuing a graduate degree at Durham University.

Anne Mitchell Welch

Anne Mitchell Welch (Politics & Rhetoric) is currently an Associate Analyst at EY Professional Services in Nashville, TN.