We are thrilled to offer a new minor in rhetoric beginning in the 2021-22 academic year. Students minoring in rhetoric are required to successfully complete a total of five courses: two required foundational courses and three additional 4-credit courses.

Foundational Courses
RHET 101: Public Speaking
RHET 201: Introduction to Rhetoric

In addition, students are required to complete three additional courses, only one of which can be a lower-level course (100- or 200-level). All others must be at the 300- and 400-level.

Additional Courses
RHET 110: Argumentation and Debate
RHET 311: U.S. Public Address I: 1620-1865
RHET 312: U.S. Public Address II: 1865-Present
RHET 321: Rhetoric in the Ancient World
RHET 331: Voices of American Women
RHET 341: Rhetoric of Mass and Social Media
RHET 401: Speakers’ Rights and Responsibilities
RHET 411: Rhetoric in the Age of Protest
RHET 440: Directed Research and Writing
RHET 444: Independent Study
RHET 491: Topics

Note: The two-credit course for training Center for Speaking & Listening tutors (RHET 220: Teaching Speaking & Listening) will not count as one of the five courses required to complete the minor.