Charles Dobbins C'52

I graduated from Sewanee in 1950, and entered Virginia Theological Seminary in the fall. Upon arriving, I discovered there were five new students from Sewanee: George Bedell, English major; Dudley Colhoun, Math; Cannon McCreary, English; Cecil Woods, Instructor in English; and myself, Charles Dobbins, a philosophy major.

If I decided on the ordained ministry, it seemed that philosophy was my best major. I didn't realize it at the time, but philosophy, theology and apologetics have a close relationship. I sort a envied my college classmates who knew what they would do after graduation, like those who spent eighty hours a week in the Chemistry lab because they wanted to go to medical school.

I include the college majors of my seminary classmates to reveal our lack of definite goals. However, if someone is considering the priesthood or any vocation that requires the understanding of knowledge, I sincerely recommend a major in Philosophy.