1. Reflect on a general topic for your senior thesis;
  2. Begin to gather research materials and sources.
  1. Limit your thesis topic so that you may cover it in 20 pages;
  2. Determine which two FREN 400-level courses taken in Sewanee you choose for your written Comprehensive Exams.
  1. Contact the Senior Seminar professor or the Chair to receive the two study guides for your Comps.
  1. Before Christmas vacation, you have time to ask questions about the study guides of the two professors having taught the courses for your Comps;
  2. Study and prepare for your Comps.
  1. Written Comps usually take place on the first Saturday of the semester from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
  2. In the Senior Seminar, you will write your Senior thesis of 20 pages in French ("le mémoire").
  1. During the last week of classes, you will defend your thesis in French in front of the Department. This exercise is your Oral Comprehensive exam. The breakdown of Comps grades is the following: 25% each written exam, 25% oral exam, 25% grade for the final version of the thesis as determined by all French faculty;
  2. The professor of the Senior Seminar will determine your course grade independently and based on the syllabus.