Assistant Professor of Economics
B.B.A., University of New Brunswick; M.A., University of Alberta; Ph.D., University of Connecticut

Before completing his Ph.D. in Economics at University of Connecticut in 2017, Tao Song received a B.B.A. from University of New Brunswick and an M.A. in Economics from University of Alberta in Canada. His primary field of specialization is labor economics with a focus on immigration.

Song’s current research focuses on immigrants’ social-economic integration in the U.S. and the skill complementarity between immigrants and natives. He has also done research on other labor economic topics such as the labor supply and demand dynamics during the energy market booms and busts in Canada as well as the Chinese labor market fluctuations at the turn of the 21st century.

While his main teaching interests include Labor Economics and Microeconomics, he is also experienced in teaching Macroeconomic courses.


Tao Song CV

Areas of Expertise

Labor Economics; Immigration; Automation; Urban Economics