A top priority of the Biology Department at Sewanee is getting students involved in research. We want you to take advantage of the many research opportunities here and find your place as a scientist! Students can get involved at any stage - first years to seniors! You can even earn course credit doing research!

These types of hands-on research experiences set Sewanee students ahead for graduate school, professional programs and employment opportunities after graduation. 

Life Sciences Research Fellowship

Each year, the Biology Department accepts a small and highly selective cohort of Research Fellows. Over the course of their time at Sewanee, these fellows have access to funding to cover unique research opportunities, conference travel, publication fees, and more. For especially accomplished students, this distinctive designation ensures access to research and leadership experiences that will set them on the path to successful careers as change-makers in the life sciences. This fellowship is renewable annually provided a student has met academic expectations and ultimately declares a major that is related to the life sciences (e.g. biology, biochemistry, neuroscience, environment and sustainability).


Applications for the Life Science Research Fellowship are due on March 15. All admitted students, for the incoming fall class, are invited to apply.

Please contact Dr. Elise Kikis for more information.

Independent Research & Honors

How To Get Involved

Getting involved in research is easy at Sewanee! 

Simply talk to your professor after class or stop by their office, send them a quick email about your interests, come to our ScienceFriday events and lab-open-house, explore internships and positions posted on Handshake, talk with classmates at Scholarship Sewanee about their research and how they got involved… Let’s get you doing some science!

Honors: requirements for honors in biology