Associate Professor of Biology, 
Director of Office of Medical and Health Programs,
Director of Summer Bridge Program in Biomedical Sciences


Spencer Hall 177 / ext. 1856


Interests and Topics of Study: Molecular Cell Biology, Molecular Genetics, Epigenetics, Cancer Cell Biology, and Medical Humanities

My interest and responsibilities at Sewanee are diverse. I enjoy teaching topics that explore the complexity of DNA and the implications of genetic differences in cellular development and disease. In addition to the sciences, I am interested in gaining insight into the work done to understand how we perceive our own humanity, in particular how this realization may allow us to become better healers and practitioners of medical care. Thus, I have recently been exploring topics within the expansive discipline of medical humanities. 

In additional to my academic interests, I have several administrative responsibilities. I am the Director of the Pre-health program, which aims to help students achieve their goals in medicine and science, and am a member of the Biochemistry and Neuroscience Steering Committee. As the Director of the Office of Medical and Health Programs (OMHP, I work with all students who might have an interest in healthcare from medicine focused on helping people or animals, nursing, physical therapy, physician assistant, pharmacy, nutritionist, or public health. For more information about the Pre-health program visit our website and facebook page.



‌Sewanee has an inviting and expansive pre-health program that aims to serve all pre-health disciplines. As the Director of the Office of Medical and Health Programs (OMHP) I am available to answer questions regarding pre-medical and pre-health education and opportunities. Additionally, OMHP partners with the Sewanee Career Center (SCC),, who can help find internships, alumni connections, and help with personal statements and interviews skills. Pre-medical students needing guidance about committee letters for medical school applications, should contact the Chair of the Pre-Health Advisory Committee, Dr. Rich Summers. Additional information can be found on the website with up to date information about curriculum, internships, tutoring, student groups and societies, as well as other program opportunities.



Please visit my lab research website to learn more about opportunities in my lab.