Angela Berry

Angela Berry, class of 2008 (Art) works at the Contemporary Arts Center, New Orleans as the Visual Arts Coordinator.

Margaret Deiters

Maggy Deiters, class of 2010 (Art History), is studying art history at the University of Georgia.

Mirka Fette

Mirka Fetté, class of 2008 (Art History), is pursuing a PhD in early-modern Central European art at Princeton University.

Ashley Gallman

Ashley Gallman, class of 2008 (Art History), is the Assistant Director of Hawthorne Fine Art in New York. She has recently teamed up with another Sewanee alum to start a non-profit for young artists in Brooklyn.

Newell Harbin

Newell Harbin, class of 2001 (Art History), is the Associate Director of the Sir Elton John photography collection.

Carolina Richards

Carolina Richards, class of 2010 (Art History), is working in the decorative arts department at Christie's in New York.

Ann Stuart

Annie Stuart, class of 2010 (Art History), is pursuing a Masters degree in the History of Art and the Art Market at Christie's in New York.

Caroline Tanner

Caroline Tanner, class of 2011 (Art History), is currently serving as a Fellow in the Vice-Chancellor's office at Sewanee.

Kate Wheeler

Kate Wheeler, class of 2000 (Art), is with J. Walter Thompson advertising agency in New York City.