The Department of Art and Art History offers courses that satisfy the degree requirements toward the B.A. degree in art or art history. The art discipline prepares individuals for a life in the arts with a grounding in the technical, aesthetic, and critical aspects of artistic production and exhibition; art history provides students with the methodological and critical tools for the analysis of visual culture and its role in history. The study of art and art history can significantly enrich a liberal-arts education, especially in a world that is increasingly shaped by images and the exchange of visual information.

Art history majors study the major styles and periods of art from both social and aesthetic perspectives. Students receive a broad, chronological overview of Western art history and later choose an area of special interest: Ancient/Medieval, Renaissance/Baroque, or Modern/American.

Art majors focus on technical, aesthetic, and critical aspects of making and placing art in the public realm. As part of their comprehensive examination, art majors prepare and present a portfolio, show work in the senior exhibit, write an analytic thesis, defend the thesis, and give a public lecture.

Minors are offered in both areas.

Subject to approval by the Art and Art History faculty, the department accepts up to two courses (eight hours) in art from other institutions. Exceptions to this limit are decided by the chair.

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