Celeste Ray

Professor of Environmental Arts and Humanities and Anthropology

Cleveland Annex 8 / ext. 1829

R. Celeste Ray trained in cultural anthropology, ecological anthropology and archaeology and her teaching and research remains focused on these subfields. Her publications have considered sacred water, regionalism, creolization and ethnicity.

Sarah C. Sherwood

Associate Professor, Co-Chair Department of Earth and Environmental Systems, University Archaeologist

Snowden 220 / ext. 3396

Kendy Altizer

Visiting Assistant Professor of Anthropology

Diana Hatchett

Diana P. Hatchett is a cultural anthropologist interested in religion, the state, education, and the global fitness industry, with a focus on the Middle East and North Africa Region. She conducts fieldwork in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. 

Alex Jong-Seok Lee

Visiting Assistant Professor of International and Global Studies

Spencer Hall 251 C / ext. 3168