Affiliated Interdisciplinary Programs

Students who do not study abroad are required to develop an area of concentration by taking at least two additional courses outside the major. Our faculty members are affiliated with several interdisciplinary programs at Sewanee that offer opportunities for such a concentration:

Archaeological Research

The summer archaeological field school on the University’s 13,000 acre domain is part of the offerings of the Sewanee Environmental Institute and instructs students in excavation methods, laboratory analysis and the use of the latest non-invasive technology at rock shelter sites dating to hunter-gatherer cultures of the Early Archaic Period as well as early horticulturalists of the Middle Woodland Period.

The American Anthropological Association also has information about archaeological field schools.

Careers in Anthropology

Anthropology students are well-prepared for a variety of postgraduate careers. The top ten reported by our former majors include: health care related fields, education, legal fields, non-governmental work and community organizing, professional careers in Cultural Anthropology or Sociology, professional careers in Archaeology and Cultural Resources Management, architecture and urban planning, business and investment, university administration, and journalism and publishing. You can also visit the American Anthropological Association’s website for more information about careers in Anthropology.

Community Engagement and Volunteer Opportunities

The Outreach Office coordinates many volunteer opportunities for students at Sewanee including outreach trips to places like Ecuador, Haiti, and New York City. Additionally, the Center for Liberal Education and Community Engagement (CLECE) involves both students and faculty in courses that combine scholarly study with service to the community.

Professional Organizations

There are a number of professional organizations to which anthropologists belong. Students can find information about prizes, conferences, and recent publications on these sites, as well as more general information about the kinds of work anthropologists do and the kinds of issues that engage them. These include:

Study Abroad Opportunities

The Study Away office has information about the many study abroad programs to which Sewanee students have access. Our Anthropology majors have completed semesters abroad in places such as Bolivia, Ecuador, India, Ireland, Italy, Jordan, Peru, Mongolia, Morocco, Samoa, and South Africa. Additionally, the competitive Biehl International Research Fund offers students the opportunity to complete an independently designed and executed social science research project over the course of a summer. Anthropology students have won Biehl fellowships to study issues such as cultural tourism in Belize, environmental education in Costa Rica, domestic service and labor migration in Jordan, child health and adoption in Tanzania, aging in India, and cultural politics in Peru.

Study Abroad and Volunteer Opportunities After Sewanee

Like many students at Sewanee, Anthropology majors sometimes want to spend time abroad doing volunteer work before going on to graduate school or professional careers. Programs that they have successfully entered include Americorps, the Episcopal Church'sYoung Adult Service Corps, and the Peace Corps. Students have also competed successfully for the year-long Thomas J. Watson Fellowship which funds a year of independent study and travel following the senior year. Students also pursue experiences teaching and/or researching abroad through programs such as the U.S. Fulbright and the Council on International Educational Exchange.

Additional Resources