The University promotes safe driving practices, especially on University business, whether the driver is operating a University-owned vehicle or a personal vehicle.  All employees, volunteers, and students who drive any vehicle on University business, including University-owned vehicles, privately-owned vehicles, and rented vehicles must successfully complete the approval process as required by the University’s automotive and general liability insurance.  The Sewanee Police Department and Office of Risk Management maintain a list of approved drivers for the University.  The follow steps must be followed by an individual when applying to be an University approved driver:


  1. Applicant Motor Vehicle Records (MVR) Review: The University will obtain the applicant’s MVR from a background check vendor at the time of request and annually thereafter for any driver who remains on the University Approved Driver List.  Allow at least two weeks for the MVR to be returned from the vendor.  The applicant must provide the following:
    • Signed Authorization Form:  The Fair Credit Reporting Act requires a one time completion of an authorization form by the applicant for any requested consumer report (MVR is a form of a consumer report per this Act).
    • Social Security Number
    • Copy of the Driver’s License
    • Department/Program’s name and six digit budget number.  The charge varies by individual, county, and state.  The average cost per MVR is approximately $25.  This will be charged to the department/program the applicant may drive for. 
  2. Provide a certificate of completion for the driver safety course "Driver Safety Fundamentals''.  This training course is available through United Educators Learning Portal. 
    • Employees and Volunteers must login at this address:
    • Students must login at:
      • This is a new portal as of June 2017, consequently you will likely need to “Create a New Account”. Provide specific information about your role at the institution and then create a username and password.  Once the account is set up, if you forget your username and password, the site can send them to you.  After you login, you will find a collection of training courses.  "Driver Safety Fundamentals'' will take about 30-40 minutes to complete.  Once completed, download your certificate for your own records. 
  3. When steps one and two are completed, provide to The Office of Risk Management or the Sewanee Police Department the following information and allow up to three weeks for notification if the applicant is approved.
    • Signed Authorization Form
    • Social Security Number
    • Copy of driver’s license (front side)
    • Department/program budget number
    • Certificate of completion for "Driver Safety Fundamentals''
    • Current contact information: email address and phone number
    • List if you will need to remain on the list one (1) year after initial approval. Example: Someone who will only be driving for one trip and won't need to drive again.