The mission of Library and Information Technology Services (LITS) is to provide information and technology support appropriate to all members of the academic community and constituencies of the University of the South. LITS supports the educational priorities of the University by providing instruction, materials, staff expertise and equipment to sustain and stimulate learning, teaching, research, and University administrative functions.


As individuals and as a unit, LITS will:

  • conduct ourselves in the highest ethical manner in all relationships
  • respect the worth and dignity of everyone
  • be reliable and consistent in our behavior
  • take responsibility for our actions
  • be honest with others as well as with ourselves
  • do what is right at all times.

We will:

  • manage resources carefully and imaginatively as responsible employees of the University
  • perform our duties in an orderly and timely manner; and
  • maintain confidentiality and respect the privacy of others.

We will:

  • treat everyone with compassion, courtesy and tolerance, by taking into consideration varieties of learning styles, personal circumstances, and other factors that affect our interaction with others
  • abide by the commonly accepted principles of intellectual freedom in academic communities, assuring our patrons that we seek the use of technology to enhance personal liberty rather than to compromise it
  • work with each other in a fair manner to achieve our goals together.

We will:

  • work together as a team with excellent service as its primary goal
  • encourage open, honest and candid communication
  • strive for reliability and consistency in any information or services we provide
  • explore every possibility in order to meet the needs of the University and the constituencies that we serve
  • be receptive to new knowledge and methodologies, striving for constant improvement in all our services.
  • We are outstanding service providers. We anticipate the information and communication needs of the University and the constituencies that we serve by demonstrating creativity, adaptability, and judgment, in providing appropriate resources, and in identifying and solving technical problems.
  • We are leaders and innovators. We lead the process of technology advancement by building alliances, promoting and demonstrating the use of technology, enhancing professional productivity, promoting collaboration, and providing new avenues of information access.
  • We are educators and communicators. We strive to continually improve the processes of teaching and learning and providing instructional support by maintaining our awareness of leading-edge tools, techniques, and materials, and through facilitating team-based knowledge development.
  • We are specialists in the fields of knowledge and communications management. We work to learn more from our disciplines, contribute new knowledge to them, and share our knowledge with the academic community both informally and through the educational programs of the University.