Computer Labs/Classrooms

Have questions or need to report an issue in a lab or classroom?  Contact the Help Desk via telephone 931.598.1369 or email


All labs and classrooms (excluding Woods Labs 228 and Woods Labs 134) will require you to log into the computers using your Banner information.  It is very important that you keep this information somewhere you can remember it.  


While in the labs and classrooms:

  • Please be considerate of others!  When in conversation speak in low tones.
  • Pick up after yourself before you leave.  If you bring a snack or beverage, please throw away any trash before the next person uses the area.
  • Log out of your account so the next person will be ready to log-in.
  • Please do not leave your belongings longer than 30 min.  They will be removed so others can use the computer and space.
  • Place your phone on vibrate or Silent.  Take cell conversations outside.
  • You may print using either webprint or secure print on any DuPont Library printers.
  • Small color print jobs can be printed for patrons on regular paper, 8 1/2 X 11'' , legal or 11 X 17''.
  • If special prints such as envelops, or posters are required please contact print services.
  • Please note that if there is a long line at one of the printers you can use one of the printers in the ATC lab area.  The Circulation desk can not print out a students paper due to being in a hurry or long lines.
  • All Canon copiers will scan. Simply log into the printers, scan your document, and email the document to your email address.
  • If you need something scanned in high resolution such as pictures, visit the Help Desk for assistance located on the ground floor of duPont Library.
 Useful information about labs and classrooms on campus:
  • Files that are saved to the local computer are not guaranteed to stay on the computer when it is restarted.  It is not recommended to save your work on lab and classroom computers.  If the computer freezes, crashes, or restarts for and reason your files on the hard drive could be lost!
  • To save your work it is recommended you save to your Google Drive.  You can reach your Google Drive by logging into you Sewanee email account.
  • Shortcuts to most common software can be found on the desktop of the computer.
  • We try to keep all computers current with the most up do date software.  If you see that you need a different version of software please notify the Help Desk.

Student Help Desk

The Student Help Desk is dedicated to offering technology services to students on their personal equipment.  Students may visit the Help Desk during office hours and fill out a personal equipment repair form.   Student Technicians will then create a work order ticket and take a look at any issues your equipment could be having.   Our Student Technicians are learning everyday how to troubleshoot and better assist other students with technology needs.  If the Technician cannot repair your equipment here at the Help Desk they will offer you a list of local techs in the area that could troubleshoot even further for you.  If you would rather receive one of these forms or know that your equipment may be beyond repair feel free to visit the help desk and we can issue the local tech list on the spot.

 **Please Note**

The Student Help Desk does not take responsibility for missing parts or broken equipment before it is brought in.  The Student Technicians are not allowed to install any University owned software or hardware on student computers.  If you need a piece of hardware replaced and have the replacement on hand, we can assist you but are not liable for the equipment if it becomes broken.


ACUTA Institution Excellence Award

2013 WINNER 

In category one, for institutions with enrollments of less than 5000, Sewanee was recognized for its Wireless and Network Infrastructure Project. It is a strategic initiative to provide improved access to campus servers and information systems, online course materials, and the Internet, including the many electronic journals, databases, streaming music and video collections licensed by the library.   

Telecommunications & Technology Infrastructure Services Staff

Chrissy Gates
Technology Infrastructure Services Coordinator


We are located upstairs in the Comptel Building which is behind the Wellness Commons.


Provide leadership in the use of information technology to support the educational, research and outreach missions of the University by provisioning and managing the telecommunication services, ID services, wireless services, and the transport network infrastructure for the benefit of the students, faculty, staff and visitors. 


In the beginning...Prior to May 1989, calls were transferred throughout campus using an AT&T Dimension system. Extensions were assigned by a lottery system as the Dimension system had become obsolete. The new Nortel PBX (now upgraded to an Option 81C), was cutover August 4, 1990 with 733 analog telephone sets installed in student rooms and 498 administrative phones in staff and faculty offices. At the time of cutover we installed 2,930 miles of 24 gauge copper wire pairs and 160 miles of fiber optic cable. Because Sewanee is located on the top of the Cumberland plateau approximately 15,000 cubic feet of sandstone was removed (enough to fill a 1,900 square foot house); 6600 copper pairs in 39 buildings and 33 twelve pair fiber pairs were installed; data connections were installed. The main outside cable runs were placed in concrete enclosed conduit. Each student living area has at least one telephone with local calling and 0+ calling at no extra cost to the student. (Many suites are equipped with more than one phone.) This was the beginning of a new era as the University began a long distance resell program for students, faculty, and staff. Payphones were taken out of resident halls and phone extensions became a convenience...not a commodity. For a virtual project tour click link for additional history and pictures around campus.