Eduroam is a global Wi-Fi service that enables all of our faculty, students, and staff to obtain secure and fast internet connectivity both here on campus and when visiting other participating institutions. The username and password you use to access the Eduroam Wi-Fi network here at Sewanee will automatically connect you at other participating institutions by simply opening your wireless device. There are more than 600 Eduroam campuses in the U.S. alone and access points in 100 other countries across the globe. This benefits faculty traveling for scholarly and collaborative work, students studying abroad and visiting other campuses, and anyone traveling to another participating institution. 

Configure your wireless device once - and you will be connected to Wi-Fi here at Sewanee and around the world!

Follow these instructions on each of your wireless devices.


  1. Access the Eduroam Configuration Assistant Tool on each of your wireless devices.
  2. Click the Download Your Eduroam Installer box.
  3. Search for "Sewanee - The University of the South" in the list of home organizations. 
  4. Click the Sewanee box.
  5. The tool will automatically detect your device and display the correct installer.
  6. Click the installer button.
  7. If the installer does not lauch automatically go to your downloads folder and run the installer manually.
  8. Follow the installer directions which will vary depending on your wireless device.
  9. When prompted enter your username which will be your entire email address including
  10. When prompted enter your Sewanee/Banner password.

If you need assistance contact the Help Desk or visit them in the ATC Lab on the lower level of duPont Library (staffed hours vary).