To be elected to membership

To be candidates for election to Phi Beta Kappa, students must be seniors in good standing and of good character who have maintained an overall grade point average of 3.65 or above. All prospective student members must have completed at least three semesters at the University of the South and have completed at least 12 courses here.

Election of new members takes place at chapter meetings at the beginning of the first semester, at the beginning of the second semester, and at the conclusion of the second semester. Members are elected by a three-fourths vote of all chapter members who are present.

Note that election to membership is not automatic on the attainment of a certain grade average. Election is on the basis of high scholarship, good moral character, and vital interest in the educational progress of the college. The number of undergraduates elected from any class shall ordinarily not exceed 10 percent of that class.

A maximum of one-fifth of the members elected from any class (i.e., two percent of the class) may be elected on the basis of their junior standing. Such prospective student members must each have completed at least 24 courses (or at least 96 hours) during six semesters with a grade-point average of 3.85 or higher.

Seniors who have completed at least 28 courses (or at least 112 hours) during seven semesters with a grade-point average of 3.75 or higher may be considered for election following the first semester of their senior year.

Graduating seniors who have completed at least 32 courses (or at least 128 hours) with a grade-point average of 3.7 or higher shall be eligible for election following their final semester. If students from the senior class with the above qualifications have not filled the 10 percent quota, then any graduating senior who by the end of their final semester has attained a grade-point average of 3.65 may be considered for election on an individual basis.

Grade-point averages are based on letter grades earned; no grade of “Pass” shall be used in the calculation. Grades earned at institutions other than the University of the South shall be evaluated differently depending on whether those grades are included in the University Registrar’s calculation of cumulative grade-point average.

Only college academic courses shall count toward satisfying the above requirements. Course work of a prospective student member must exhibit broad engagement in the liberal arts and sciences at the college level. Such engagement is established by a) passing at least one course in mathematics, b) demonstrating proficiency in a second language by passing at least one 300- or 400-level course in a foreign language, and c) pursuing additional related coursework beyond any general education competency satisfied by Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate scores.