Spring Reviews

There are two spring review forms: 

  • Both begin with the staff member initiating the form.

  • One form is designed for administrative staff members who hold positions where goals change year to year.

  • The second form is geared towards those staff members who work in typically service departments and/or goals may not change year to year.

  • Supervisors are welcome to elect the form that best works for the staff group. 

Signed copies of the review forms will be filed in Human Resources. 

  • If hard copies are sent, the forms will be filed in the staff member's personnel folder. 

  • If scanned copies are sent, the forms will be stored electronically. Human Resources will not print unnecessary copies. (Preferred method)

How to complete the collaborative review

  1. The staff member starts the process by completing the first section of the collaborative review form by stating their previous goals, accomplishments, new goals, supervisor support needed, and training desired. 

  2. The supervisor completes the second section of the collaborative review form by stating their support given to the staff member, any concerns they may have regarding the staff member, and any actions needed to be taken. 

  3. A review meeting will need to take place where the staff member and the supervisor may discuss the items detailed within the collaborative review form. 

  4. At the conclusion of the review meeting, the staff member and supervisor will sign the form. 

    1. They each retain a signed copy. 

    2. A signed copy will need to be scanned to Human Resources. HR will save each form electronically.

    3. If desired, the supervisor’s supervisor, department head and/or division head signature may also be required to review and sign the form after a copy has been scanned to Human Resources.