The Office of Civic Engagement’s democratic engagement initiatives work to foster a campus culture of civic responsibility through voter registration, education, and beyond.


Sewanee Votes! is a non-partisan democratic engagement initiative that aims to foster a campus culture of civic responsibility by increasing voter registration, education, and turnout among Sewanee students, faculty, and staff. Learn more about Sewanee Votes! and view upcoming events on Sewanee Engage.

Resources for Voting

Sewanee Votes! understands that Sewanee students are likely new to the voting process--and that’s okay! We’re here to help make voting as simple as possible from registration to casting your ballot. Reach out to Sewanee Votes! for questions about voting registration, resources on casting your vote from home, Sewanee, or abroad, and opportunities to explore civic participation beyond the ballot box. Sewanee’s partner, TurboVote, is a powerful tool in our efforts to make the registration and voting process as simple as possible for students. TurboVote makes it easy to register to vote, and provides registered voters with helpful voting tools, like election reminders and simple a simple application for absentee ballots.

Why Do You Vote

Sewanee faculty, staff, and student share why they vote.