The Office of Residential Life partners with StarRez Housing for Room Selection. Each student returning to campus and not living in speciality housing (ex. theme, Greek, language, Residential Learning Community, off campus) will receive a room selection date and time. At their given Selection Time, students will log into their StarRez Housing portal using their Single Sign-On (SSO) Banner username and password to select their room for the upcoming academic year. 

Prior to participating in Room Selection, all students must submit a Housing Application and Contract to signify their intent to live in a residence hall for the next academic year. Failure to submit the Housing Application and Contract on time will result in a student being unable to participate in Room Selection. This application can be accessed on the student's StarRez portal, and will be available by February 15, 2024. The Office of Residential Life will share more details about selection times at a later date.

February 15, 2024 Housing Application becomes available
March 4, 2024 Roommate Matching opens via Student Housing Self-Service
March 11, 2024 Housing Contract opens on StarRez Student Portal
April 8, 2024 Senior Suite Selection
April 10-12 General Room Selection
July 19, 2024 Fall 2024 housing assignments will be available in the StarRez Student Portal
  • Once you select a room, you may not change your selection.
  • Any student that chooses not to go through room draw will be randomly assigned a room and roommate in July 2024.

Choose a Roommate

Only rising seniors should plan to participate in room draw without a roommate. Potential roommates should discuss expectations for living together including sleep, study, cleanliness, and social habits. You will not be able to select a room designed for two plus students without being matched correctly in your portal.

Selection Times

Every student will receive an individual selection date and  time for room selection. The Office of Residential Life anticipates sharing those details at the end of the week prior to room selection. Selection dates and times are assigned by class year and gowned/ungowned  status.  Students will receive selection times for their class year’s selection date (dates listed above). Once you have determined your roommate, identify the best selection date and time.  The roommate with the soonest date and time will select a room on behalf of the group. 

Students Studying Away Next Year

If you have already been approved to study abroad for the Advent term, you will not need to participate in the room draw process. Only students who DO NOT have official approval for their study abroad term will need to go through the room draw process. When filling out your housing application, you will be asked to identify your if you have been approved to study abroad, ONLY select ‘Student APPROVED to study abroad’ if you have received official approval from the Office of Global Citizenship.  

Note: If you select a room during room selection but end up studying away during the Advent term for any reason, please note that the Office of Residential Life will NOT hold your selected room for the duration of the semester. Should you return to campus for the Easter term, you would receive a new assignment via the mid-year housing assignments process.

If you plan to study away in the Easter semester of the next academic year, and will therefore be on campus during the Advent semester, you should participate in the room selection process as normal. You should make your Advent semester roommate aware of your plans, as they will need to plan to fill their space for the Easter semester.

Students Currently on Leave

Students currently reapplying for reinstatement, if approved, will be assigned a room and roommate over the summer. Currently enrolled students cannot select a roommate during room draw that has not been approved for reinstatement to the University.

Senior Suites

The Office of Residential Life has implemented some changes to the process for selecting “Senior Suites.” Senior Suites are suites for 2-6 residents in Hodgson, Humphreys, Quintard, and St. Luke’s Halls. All rising seniors will have the opportunity to participate in the Senior Suites round of Room Selection if they wish. During this round, one senior representing a group of seniors may select from the available suites in the buildings listed above. Please visit Engage to see a list of Suites and access the floor plans to see their layouts.

General Room Selection Details

Students must be completely matched in the StarRez Student Portal to participate in room selection. Students who are hopeful to live in a single will not participate in roommate matching.


Accessibility Accommodation Process

Students requiring special housing needs (e.g., an air-conditioned room, meal plan exemption, or living on central campus) due to a medical condition should contact Student Accessibility Services prior to March 1. Housing accommodations issued after March 1 will be accommodated as is possible; in most cases, students with an accommodation issued after March 1 should plan to select a room during room selection and utilize the waiting list process to change rooms over the summer if necessary.

Off-Campus Housing

Rising seniors interested in living off-campus must apply to be exempt from the University housing requirement. This application is typically made available by early March.

Theme Housing

If you have been approved to live in speciality housing (theme, Greek, language, RLC, or proctor), you will not participate in the room draw process. 

Greek Housing

If you are interested in living in your fraternity or sorority house, please contact your chapter president.