Student guide to Voting in 2020 

Planning to vote in the US presidential election on November 3, 2020? Here’s a checklist to cast your ballot:


Register to vote or update your registration if necessary. Even if you think you are registered, you need to double check. In many states, your registration must be processed before you request an absentee ballot. Track your registration status here.


Laws around voting vary by state, and it's important to know rules for the state you are registered in. Our State Voting Guide walks you through every state's process.


In most states you can vote either by mail or in person on or before election day. Follow your State’s Guidelines to request your ballot or determine when you will vote. The previous link walks you through the process specific to your state with links to your state's ballot request forms. 

If you will be voting by mail: 
  • Request you ballot NOW and return it as soon as possible
  • Students frequently fill out their ballot incorrectly–in these cases, the ballot is typically returned to the voter to be corrected. Please read all of the instructions carefully and factor this into the time you will need to successfully request and return your ballot.
  • Follow the guidelines for your state to track your ballot status. 
If you will be voting in Person:

The policy for leaving campus to vote is as follows:

  • Whether you vote and return the same day or leave to vote and need to quarantine, you are required to fill out the Request for off-campus travel form, found on the Dean of Students website.
  • If you leave campus to vote and return the same day (and practice the 3 W’s while you're away), then you will not be required to quarantine for 14 days. 
  • If voting means that you need to leave town and spend the night (you can't go and come back the same day), then you will be required to quarantine for 14 days.  Students who leave campus to vote on Election Day (Nov. 3) and who would need to quarantine should go ahead and leave campus for the remainder of the semester (because the quarantine period would end just a few days before all students leave for home on Nov. 20).

Need a envelope or stamp?

We have envelopes, stamps, and can help you print and mail your forms. Come by our office Monday-Friday between 9:30 A.M. and 4:30 P.M. for assistance.

Need Help?

Sewanee Votes is a program of the Office of Civic Engagement that exists to assist students throughout the voting process. If you have questions or need a stamp, reach out via email to or schedule an appointment with Sewanee Votes Coordinator Morgan Jennings ( to receive one-on-one assistance.




Sewanee Votes! is a non-partisan democratic engagement initiative that aims to foster a campus culture of civic responsibility by increasing voter registration, education, and turnout among Sewanee students, faculty, and staff. Learn more about Sewanee Votes! and view upcoming events on Sewanee Engage.

Engaging New Voters

Sewanee Votes! understands that Sewanee students are likely new to the voting process--and that’s okay! We’re here to help make voting as simple as possible from registration to casting your ballot. Reach out to Sewanee Votes! for questions about voting registration, resources on casting your vote from home, Sewanee, or abroad, and opportunities to explore civic participation beyond the ballot box. Sewanee’s partner, TurboVote, is a powerful tool in our efforts to make the registration and voting process as simple as possible for students. TurboVote makes it easy to register to vote, and provides registered voters with helpful voting tools, like election reminders and simple a simple application for absentee ballots.


We work with organizations across the country as part of a broader effort to increase campus voting turnout nationwide. These partnerships include:

Why Do You Vote

Sewanee faculty, staff, and student share why they vote.


Morgan Jennings
Coordinator for Student Programming

Bishop's Common 119B, Ext. 3201


The Office of Civic Engagements' democratic engagement initiatives work to foster a campus culture of civic responsibility through the 2020 elections and beyond.