Schedule a Virtual Visit

If Sewanee's on your list, the chances are you're probably the sort of person who keeps busy. Climbing mountains? We're not surprised. Writing a play? Sounds about right. Leading your team to the state championship? Of course you are! With so much going on, we've made it easy for you to get (almost) all of the joys of an on-campus visit from wherever you're at!

Sewanee Sessions

So you've received your acceptance letter? Great. And now you've got some really big questions on your mind? You sound like a Sewanee student already. (They're always asking big questions!) These interactive, topic specific sessions allow admitted students to connect with a variety of faculty, staff, students, and admission staff to learn everything they need to know about the Mountain. 

Counselor Appointments

Forget the old-school model of a terrifying formal interview. At Sewanee, we view the interview as a conversation to learn more about you and how you might fit with our campus community. Virtual Counselor Appointments are open to a variety of students and parents.

Parents & Families Webinar

Why should students get to have all the fun? Parents and families are invited to connect with two former Sewanee parents and current admission counselors. During these webinars you will have the chance to get all of your questions answered.