Welcome to the Tiger Tips! Our helpful guide on how to approach the college admission process. Continue to check back each week for the next Tiger Tip!

Tiger Tip #1: Learn the Lingo

Let’s talk about college admission. From financial aid terminology and NCAA divisions, to different types of applications, there are plenty of unique terms and phrases to learn. Check out Faith Vaughn's blog post, Tiger Tip #1: Learn the Lingo, to learn about some of the most common terms.

Tiger Tip #2: Researching Colleges and Universities

Now that you’ve got an understanding of some of the terminology that you might encounter during the college search process, you can start researching schools you might be interested in. Colleges and universities come in all shapes and sizes—large and small, public and private, urban and rural. So, this next tip is crucial. Listen in on our recording of this tip below.

Tiger Tip #3: Creating your Common Application list

Now we get to talk about the fun part! As early as Aug. 1, your college applications will be at your fingertips. Create your Common Application account today to research hundreds of schools across the country. Don't forget, it's free to apply to Sewanee, and there is no place like our 13,000-acre mountaintop classroom. Listen to this week's podcast for this tip below.

Tiger Tip #4: Common Application Prompts & Essay Writing

While you’ve got the time (and no homework!), summer break is a great opportunity to start thinking about your college essay. The essay is your chance to tell us something truly unique about yourself in your own words, but it's tough to get it right on the first try. These summer months will allow you to devote some attention to brainstorming, writing, and editing (and then rewriting) this important component of your application. Listen in on our recording of this tip below.

Tiger Tip #5: Recommendation & Interview Tips

When you send in your application, your essay won’t be the only chance for a college admissions office to get to know you. Many colleges and universities require recommendation letters and even formal interviews. Summer is a great time to identify those teachers and counselors who will write on your behalf. Think about the mentors who have challenged you to succeed during your high school career. These recommenders will be able to tell us why we need you at Sewanee. Listen in on our recording of this tip below.

Tiger Tip #6: Engaging with colleges—On-Campus & Virtual Visit Tips

Visiting a college campus is kind of like trying on shoes. It’s really best to try it out for yourself to make sure it fits. Attending an in-person or virtual campus tour will allow you to experience a college campus alongside current students. At Sewanee, for example, it’s hard to imagine how much there is to do with 13,000 acres until you see it for yourself. We can’t wait to see you! Listen to this week's podcast for this tip below.

Tiger Tip #7: Testing in the Admission Process

Colleges and universities have different policies on testing. Some schools superscore, some are test-optional or test-flexible, and what about AP and IB subject tests? At Sewanee, submitting your test scores is now easier than ever! Just log on to our self-reported score form to submit your test scores today. Listen in on our recording of this tip below.

Tiger Tip #8: Athletic Recruitment Process

Sewanee athletics are a part of NCAA Division III, which means coaches abide by a certain set of rules and regulations. If you are interested in playing Division III sports, start the recruitment process by asking these questions: When does the process begin? How do I talk to the coaches? What are the rules? Division III athletes are students first and players second, meaning they can still be meaningfully engaged in their campus community. Listen to this week's podcast for this tip below.

Tiger Tip #9: Financial Aid 101

For many students and families, navigating the financial aid process can be a daunting aspect of applying to college. But it doesn’t have to be. Sewanee’s Office of Financial Aid has the map to success. By taking time to familiarize yourself with things like the FAFSA form, the CSS Profile, and other key documents, you’ll find the college application process to be manageable. Our Office of Financial Aid is ready and willing to make sure that these steps are as clear and straightforward as possible, so contact them earlier rather than later with your questions. Listen in on our recording of this tip below.

Tiger Tip #10: Ten Additional Tips from the Sewanee Admission Staff

You’ve got a great head start on the application process, now hear from the Sewanee admission staff about their top 10 tips you won’t hear anywhere else!

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