Welcome to the Tiger Tips! Our helpful guide on how to approach the college admission process. Continue to check back each week for the next Tiger Tip!

Make it a grrreat summer!

Tiger Tip #1: Watch your inbox for ways to make the most of your summer.

The Sewanee Tiger has a busy summer in store–helping you get into college. Click the link below to watch our first Sewanee Session, where we introduced the Tiger Tips and answered your questions about what is to come! Stay up to date with Sewanee's Tiger Tips this summer to keep your college application requirements from hanging over your head this fall. Make the most of summer. Enjoy your senior year!

Tiger Tip #2: FAFSA Overview

Get your FSA ID today! You can file your 2021-2022 Free Application for Federal Student Aid as early as Oct. 1. Check out the link below for our second Sewanee Session about completing the FAFSA, one of the first steps toward finishing your college application. Starting early can help ease some of the pressure. If you run into any snags, feel free to contact our Office of Financial Aid. Our staff will be happy to walk you through any step of the financial aid process. Don’t be shy about asking—we’re here to help you and your family.

Tiger Tip #3: The Common Application

As early as Aug. 1, your college application will be at your fingertips. Creating your Common Application account will be your first step to applying to Sewanee. If you would like to know more, please join us for our third Sewanee Session on June 18 at 4 p.m. Central, where we will talk about filling out the Common Application and how to use it to research and apply to hundreds of Universities across the country. There is no place like Sewanee and its 13,000-acre mountaintop classroom. With the Common Application, applying has never been easier. Sewanee is truly just one click away: select the “Add to My Colleges” section at the bottom of your page and add Sewanee to your list. Remember, there is no application fee to apply to Sewanee.

Tiger Tip #4: The College Essay

Get started on those college essays this summer. Please join us for our fourth Sewanee Session on June 25 at 4 p.m. CDT, a webinar where we will talk about brainstorming, writing, and editing (and then rewriting) the Common Application essay. While you’ve got the time (and no homework!), summer is a great time to start thinking about your college essay. It’s tough to get it right on the first try, and the essay is one of the most important pieces of your college application. Use it to unfold those life-changing events in vivid detail, or to talk about those experiences that are central to your identity. 

Tiger Tip #5: Recommendation Letters

When you send off that college application in the fall, you won’t be the only one to write about you. Many colleges and universities require both a teacher and a counselor recommendation. Please join us for our fifth Sewanee Session on July 2 at 4 p.m. Central, a webinar where we'll discuss recommendations, types of college interviews, and how to best approach conversations with an admission office. Now is a great time to think about the teachers who watched you grow over the course of your high school career, or the mentors who challenged you and saw you succeed. These teachers will be able to tell us exactly what kind of student you are, and why we need you at Sewanee.