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The Sewanee Pledge

The Sewanee Pledge is simple. Do your part, and we vow to do ours as well.

You may have heard that college is an investment in yourself. And it’s true. Attending college is a commitment that will require your full engagement. You need not only to dedicate yourself to your academics, but also to the social aspects of student life. And, of course, there are financial obligations as well. That’s why we believe that you and your family deserve a college whose commitment to your experience equals your own. Hence the Sewanee Pledge.  

The Sewanee Pledge is our promise to you. A promise that allows you to receive funding for one summer internship or research fellowship, allows you access to a semester-long study-abroad program at no additional tuition cost, and lastly, a promise that you’ll graduate in four years with one major. Guaranteed. Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, I promise you it’s not. Let’s dive into the three parts of Sewanee Pledge and look at how you can take full advantage of it. 

Part 1: We pledge to help Sewanee graduates secure good jobs and spots at top graduate programs by providing funding for a summer internship or research fellowship. During the summer of 2019, more than 250 students took advantage of $617,000 in awards to spend the summer learning, contributing, and making a real difference through internships and research fellowships! Securing an internship or research opportunity during your college experience is so important. It allows you not only to further your skills and help set you apart from peers when applying for jobs and graduate programs, but to gain a better understanding of yourself and the gifts you have to offer the world. 

Part 2: We pledge to help Sewanee graduates find their place in an increasingly interconnected world by providing you with access to a semester-long study-abroad program at no additional tuition cost. Through our 200+ study-abroad programs, you have the opportunity to travel to any of the seven continents, Antarctica included! About 50% of our students study abroad and 100% of them are able to use their scholarships and financial aid abroad. So, no matter what your major, at Sewanee you’re able to explore the world with ease. 

Part 3: We pledge that you will graduate in four consecutive years (with one major). If you do not, Sewanee will provide up to one additional year of study tuition-free. Yes, you read that correctly! Of course, this assumes that you are doing your part, maintaining good academic standing, making progress on a single major, and so forth. Sewanee believes that our offer of admission constitutes a promise to do all we can to help you complete your degree in four years.

See, the Sewanee Pledge is simple. Do your part, and we vow to do ours as well. It’s never been easier to access global experiences and hands-on learning, all while ensuring that you’re not spending more time than necessary on your degree. For more information on the Sewanee Pledge, explore our website

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