“When it comes to work and understanding different clients you may encounter as a business person, I’ve found that a liberal arts education has really helped me. It has helped me consider all groups equally.”

Coding, Communication, and Connecting the Dots

Tari Kandemiri, C'18
Consulting Analyst, Accenture
Major: Computer Science


Last summer, Tari Kandemiri, C18, interned at Accenture in Atlanta, Georgia. This summer, Tari works on staff as a consulting analyst in that same office. Accenture is an innovational company that works to solve clients' problems by providing services in strategy, consulting, digital, and technological capacities.

“This is a great opportunity to use both my major and my minor,” Tari says. “Consulting allows me to work on different projects that use my computer science degree and my business minor.”

Tari helps companies be at their very best. She grew up loving business and coding, but she never realized she could combine those things and have a fulfilling and lucrative career. There’s also a personable touch to the technology business, Tari finds.

“You have to have an understanding of clients as people and the business they represent,” Tari says. “I assess what they need—like certain features on a website—then present ideas to the developers. Bridging the communication gap between developers and clients is one of my jobs. For that relationship to work, you have to have a good understanding of people and articulate in a manner that’s understandable to everyone.”

Tari attributes this translating ability to her degree at Sewanee. Her education provided a global view, and Tari was able to see her courses through an economic and political lens. Tari was also part of the Posse Program at Sewanee—a nationwide initiative to promote diversified university culture.

“Before Posse I didn’t even know consulting was a job,” she says. “I didn’t know there were groups that helped businesses refresh themselves and grow. You’ll have so many opportunities at Sewanee to learn these type of things. They truly care for your well-being, and they’ll help you connect the dots.”