“If you can write well, you can do just about anything.”


Entertainment, Film, & Seeing Content as Currency

Jordan Overstreet, C’12
Supervisor, Promotions and Sponsorships
Showtime Networks
Major: English

Jordan Overstreet, C’12, works with Showtime Networks in New York City. She spearheads promotions by creating advertising campaigns that market new shows. Whether it’s to reach new audience or re-engaging a core fanbase, Jordan’s job is all about driving subscribers to watch the network.

Another aspect of her job is supervising national sponsorships for the company. Coming from years of working for top film festivals in the nation, Jordan is able to offer unique insights when it comes to connecting creative organizations and corporate partners. She handles sponsorships for Showtime Documentary Films and works with major film organizations like Sundance, the largest international independent film festival in the world.

“Being on-site with the best minds in the documentary space and getting to experience their new projects is rewarding to me,” Jordan says. “Working on the marketing team allows me to foster relationships with film communities and artists to elevate awareness of their work from the fringe to the mainstream. These are captivating stories that explore controversial topics and alternative perspectives that need to be heard. Without the opportunities at Sewanee where I put myself at the center of the creative process, I don’t know if I could relate to these content creators as easily as I do.”

Playwriting was Jordan’s first love, but she wanted something more tactile and applicable. With Showtime, she’s been able to be part of the film scene while also working in other areas of the industry. Fundraising is what keeps art moving, and Jordan is making that happen. She’s also been able to see aspects of her Sewanee classes come full circle—finding their relevance in her career. Jordan has learned how to cultivate clients in a competitive industry.

“Breaking down lines of Chaucer in college has honestly helped me,” Jordan says. “That search for meaning, then tying it all together in a paper—this style of research is how I’ve grounded my fundraising style. Content is currency in this industry.”