Woody Register, C'80

Director of the Roberson Project

Woody Register has served as director of the Roberson Project on Slavery, Race, and Reconciliation since its launch in July 2017. A graduate of Sewanee (1980), he received his doctorate in history from Brown University and joined the university’s faculty in 1992. Today he is the Francis S. Houghteling Professor of American History and teaches courses on nineteenth- and twentieth-century American society and culture, popular culture, gender, and slavery’s role in the development of American institutions and society. The inspirations for Woody’s work with the Roberson Project have come in part from the international movement among colleges and universities to study the history and impact of their institution’s indebtedness to slavery — and slavery’s indebtedness to their institutions. Woody was further moved to pursue the work of the Roberson Project from his own research into Sewanee’s history, which revealed to him the significance of race in the formation of the university in its first century. Finally, Woody was fortunate to have Houston Bryan Roberson as a colleague, collaborator, and friend for two decades. Houston’s example as a teacher, scholar, and citizen continues to guide Woody’s work with the Project, which now incorporates the Roberson name in its official title.

Klarke Stricklen, C'22

Student Research Assistant

Klarke is a sophomore American Studies major at the University of the South originally from Chattanooga, Tennessee. She is a member of the Working Group. This summer she served as a Student Research Assistant for the Roberson Project working on the Sewanee Black History initiative. On campus, Klarke is a proud member of the Bairnwick Women’s Center and the Vice-President of the NAACP Youth and College Division at the university.