How do I arrange for a visit to the Listening Library?

When is the Listening Library open?

  • Fall 2020 hours, coming soon! Please note that the Listening Library is staffed by a dedicated group of Student Curators and volunteers. While we do our best to adhere to this schedule, the open hours will change during final exams, college breaks, etc. 

What kind of music does the Listening Library have?

  • We pride ourselves in the wide variety of musical genres present. While our vinyl and CD collections are extensive in the area of classical, or concert music, we have a growing vinyl collection of jazz, rock, blues, country, folk and everything in-between. We also have access to high-resolution music streaming services such as QOBUZ and TIDAL. They have extensive collections, so we can meet almost any request! 

Can I play my personal records and/or CDs on the Listening Library's system?

  • Yes! We are happy to play a visitor's records or CDs. The only kind of record we cannot play is a 78, as our turntable does not spin at that rpm.

Who pays for all this high-end equipment?

  • The William Ralston Listening Library is primarily funded by individual donations. To make a tax-deductible gift, please click here. We are grateful to the friends and music lovers who help maintain the best listening experience possible for students and our guests.