The Spanish Table meets every Tuesday and Wednesday from 11:30-1:30 in the nave of McClurg under the flags near the bay window facing University Ave.

Spanish Tutoring is free and takes place at the Language Resource Center (Gailor 225). 
Spanish Tutoring Schedule Spring 2020

Spanish Language yoga classes take place in the Language Resource Center (Gailor 225) on the following dates:
-Friday, February 7 at 5:00
-Friday, February 14 at 5:00
-Friday, March 6 at 5:00
-Friday, March 27 at 5:00
-Friday, April 17 at 5:00
-Friday, April 24 at 5:00
Yoga mats are provided.  This is a great way to get your pasaporte points while effortlessly absorbing the language, as you improve your mind and body and get ready for the weekend.

Go to the Spanish page of the Language Resource Center for resources, such as Rosetta Stone, to improve your Spanish.