Associate Professor of Economics
B.S., Lahore University of Management Science; M.A., University of Arizona; Ph.D., University of Iowa


Husnain Fateh Ahmad holds a B.Sc. (Hons.) in Economics from the Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) in Pakistan. He undertook his master’s coursework and training at the University of Arizona, before transferring and completing his PhD at the University of Iowa in 2014. An applied microeconomist, he specialises in behavioural economics, game theory and industrial organisation.


His research interests are varied but broadly fall under the umbrella of behavioural microeconomic theory. As part of his dissertation, he applied behavioural game theory to study the phenomenon of over bidding in first and second price auctions, and also modelled self-serving bias in double auctions. After completing his PhD, he returned to his alma mater in Pakistan, and expanded his interests to include more policy relevant questions. In addition to his research in applied theory, he is currently conducting exploratory work in the areas of health economics and the interaction of identity and social preferences on economic behaviour.


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Areas of Expertise

Applied Microeconomics; Behavioral Economics; Experimental Economics