Sewanee Plant Press

plant pressThe Sewanee Plant Press is a quarterly newsletter of the Friends of the Herbarium. The Sewanee Plant Press made its debut in the spring of 1997. It publicizes events sponsored each season by the herbarium and describes current botanical and ecological projects.  Many of the lead articles are written by our Undergraduate Fellows.  In Spring 2022, we published our 100th issue!

The Friends support the work of the Herbarium: research, education, and conservation. For information about joining the Friends of the Herbarium, or to subscribe to The Sewanee Plant Press, write Mary Priestley, 735 University Avenue, Sewanee, TN 37383, or e-mail:

Read the current or past issues in the archives below:


Vol 28, No.1- Winter 2024

Note from Director Jon Evans thanking the many folks that make the Herbarium such a successful program at Sewanee.  Also a piece by Jonathan Ertelt about an agave plant about to flower in the Webb Greenhouse.

Vol. 27, No.4- Fall 2023

Block Fellows Describe their summer research, Why are we seeing red?, Weeding the woods

Vol. 27, No.3- Summer 2023

Intergenerational forest research at Sewanee with Professor Evans and Students,  Webb Greenhouse

Vol. 27, No.2- Spring 2023

Article about the Hart's tongue fern and news from the Herbarium Director

Vol. 27, No.1- Winter 2023

Block Fellow JT Michel writes about his interview with Jennifer Cline - a local herbalist, All Things Bright and Beautiful - our annual art show at Sterlings

Vol. 26, No. 4 - Fall 2022

Two Fall-Blooming Orchids, News from Herbarium Fellows, Capturing the Beauty Autumn - Botanical Art Workshop

Vol. 26, No. 3 - Summer 2022

Botany in the Bushveld - Oliver Hutchen's summer internship in South Africa, Nature Journaling

Vol. 26, No. 2 - Spring 2022

The 100th Issue of the Plant Press and a Look Back at the Sewanee Herbarium Story, The Domain Flora—a Curator’s Perspective, Stirling’s Hollow: Possibilities for Native Plants, Looking Ahead: New Herbarium Outreach Plans, From the Editor

Vol. 26, No. 1 - Winter 2022

All Things Bright and Beautiful” Herbarium Exhibit, Herbarium Fellows Activities, Trails & Trilliums: An April Adventure!

Vol. 25, No. 4 - Fall 2021

End-of-Summer Report from Our Interns,  Surveying a Rare Plant Population, Greenhouse News, From the Director

Vol. 25, No. 3 - Summer 2021

News from Our Summer Interns, The University Cemetery-Plants Among the Dead, Connecting with Skullcaps

Vol. 25, No. 2 - Spring 2021

Under the Sun Again, Remarkable Display of Flowers in Shakerag, News from the Director, Earth Flags Adorn Stirling's Coffee House, Nature Journaling Group to Emerge Soon

Vol. 25, No. 1 - Winter 2021

Life as a Block Herbarium Fellow During the COVID-19 Pandemic, Dutchman's Britches - a Favorite Spring Ephemeral, Research on Chestnut Oak Published, "Safe and Sound" - Trails and Trilliums Festival

Vol. 24, No. 4 - Fall 2020

Sinking Pond Research, Nature Notes, iNaturalist - Take an App Out for a Walk, Arums I Have Known

Vol. 24, No. 3 - Summer 2020

Webb Greenhouse Transformed into a Tropical Rainforest, Nature Journaling, Spring Wildflowers - a Virual Nature Journal

Vol. 24, No. 2 - Spring 2020

Teaching in the Time of COVID, Earth Days in Sewanee, Spring Wildflowers in COVID-19

Vol. 24, No. 1 - Winter 2020

Monitoring Spread of Chinese Tallow, All Things Bright and Beautiful Exhibit, Winter Calendar of Events

Vol. 23, No. 4 - Autumn 2019

A Summer in Sewanee with the Herbarium Fellows, Saving the Milkweeds, Supporting the Pollinators, New Partnership with the TN Department of Transportation, Composites - a Closer Look

Vol 22, No 4 Autumn 2018

Sewanee Wildflowers in Watercolor, Those Darn Yellow Composites, Clonal Plant Symposium

Vol. 22, No. 3 - Summer 2018

Post-baccalaureate Fellow's Year in Review, Two New Herbarium Volunteers, Herbarium to Release New Wildflower Book, Summer Educational Outreach, Botanical Notes from Sapelo Island

Vol. 22, No. 2 - Spring 2018‌‌‌

Botanical Notes from Dr. Jon Evans' Coastal Island Ecology Program on Sapelo Island, Shakerag Hollow, Trails and Trilliums Festival

Vol. 22, No. 1 - Winter 2018‌‌‌‌

Post-Baccalaureate Fellow's Autum Activities, Sewanee Herbarium Collection Scanned, Herbarium Sponsors Botanical Art Exhibit, Native Plant Cultivation on the Plateau

Vol. 21, No. 4 - Fall 2017‌‌‌‌

Herbarium Wins Oak Spring Garden Foundation Grant, Plateau Vernal Pools Paper Published!, Establishing a Herbarium in Haiti, Collaborations with ATO Fraternity, Stirlings Coffee House, and the University Farm

Vol. 21, No. 3 - Summer 2017‌‌‌

Plant Awareness - Reaffirming the Herbarium's Mission, Plant Conservation Alliance Making Strides, Shelby Meckstroth Wins McCrady Prize, Domain Flora Awarded Windler Prize

Vol. 21, No. 2 - Spring 2017‌‌

Tennessee Plant Conservation Alliance is Officially Launched, Ecology and Biodiversity Theses, Trails and Trilliums, and Spring 2017 Calendar of Events

Vol. 21, No. 1 - Winter 2017

Land Conservation on the Plateau Making Strides, Herbarium Specimens to be Scanned, Winter Calendar of Events, Domain Activities Planned for Spring 2017

Vol. 20, No. 3 - Fall 2016

Domain Flora Published, Celebrating Milestones, Honoring George Ramseur, Coastal Bassword Research Published, Impact of Deer on Domain Forests, What If Trees Could Walk?, In Memory of Ashley

Vol. 20, No. 3 - Summer 2016

R‌ebirth of the ATO Spring, Herbarium Gears Up for Summer Research, Summer Calendar of Events

Vol. 20, No. 2 - Spring 2016

Wild Hog and Yellow Nutsedge (Oldfield and Evans 2016) Published in Ecology and Evolution News, Wildflower Walks Through the Years Across the State, Spring Calendar of Events, and Trails and Trilliums Notice

Vol. 20, No. 1 - Winter 2016

Cleistes Collections in Tennessee, Rare Plant Advisory Committee, Winter Calendar of Events, Two Meetings of Interest

Vol. 19, No. 4 - Fall 2015

Summer Internship in the Herbarium, First-Year Program Visits Fiery Gizzard, Fall Calendar of Events

Vol. 19, No. 3 - Summer 2015

A Herbarium Intern's Retrospect, A Hidden Garden - Piecing Together Rebel's Rest's Early Landscaping, Summer Calendar of Events

Vol. 19, No. 2 - Spring 2015

Gottfrieds win Yeatman Award, Caicos Pine Recovery, Spring Calendar of Events

Vol. 19, No. 1 - Winter 2015

Sewanee's American Chestnut Orchard, Callie Oldfield, 2014 Contributors, Winter Calendar of Events

Vol. 18, No. 4 - Fall 2014

Botanizing in the Appalachians, Herbarium to Publish Book, Fall Calendar, Student Botanical Research

Vol. 18, No. 3 - Summer 2014

Invasive Plant Management, Walking Our Land, Summer Calendar, Summer Research

Vol. 18, No. 2 - Spring 2014
Hart's Tongue Fern, Welcome William Shealy, Spring Calendar of Events

Vol. 18, No. 1 - Winter
Smilax, Not just a Pain, Botany Books, Winter Calendars of Events

Vol. 17, No. 4 - Fall 2013
Coffeetree Discovered, Campus Certified as Arboretum, Fall Calendar of Events

Vol. 17, No. 3 - Summer 2013
Herbarium Sponsors Student Positions, New Orchid, Summer Calendar of Events

Vol. 17, No. 2 - Spring 2013
Shakerag Hollow, Why Water Plants Don't Die, Spring Calendar of Events

Vol. 17, No. 1 - Winter 2013
Oh Deer!, Toward a Sustainability Master Plan, Winter Calendar of Events

Vol. 16, No. 4 - Fall 2012
Nathan Bourne, Herbarium Post-Bac Fellow, Snake Plants, Fall Calendar of Events, New Blog

Vol. 16, No. 3 - Summer 2012
Students Examine changing Plant-Pathogen Interactions on the Domain, SEI Efforts Key In Battle Against Hemlock Woolly Adelgid, Summer Calendar of Events, American Chestnut Planted on Domain, Drawing Lessons from Nature

Vol. 16, No. 2 - Spring 2012
Jon Evans to receive Trails and Trillium Award, Sewanee's Special Sycamore, Spring Calendar of Events, Annual List of Donors

Vol. 16, No. 1 - Winter 2012
Winter Botanizing, From the North Carolina Botanical Garden News, Winter Calendar of Events, Flora of the Domain Update

Vol. 15, No. 4 - Fall 2011
Field Study in Belize, Fire Ecology on the Domain, Fall Calendar of Events

Vol. 15, No. 3 - Summer 2011
William's Wildflowers, Logging and Tree Composition Change on the Domain, Summer Calendar of Events

Vol. 15, No. 2 - Spring 2011
Sewanee Environmental Institute, Blue Eyes of Springtime, Spring Calendar of Events

Vol. 15, No. 1 - Winter 2011
Joy of an Amateur, Visitors to the Herbarium, Winter Calendar of Events

Vol. 14, No. 4 - Fall 2010
Domain Flora Project, Close Observation, Fall Calendar of Events

Vol. 14, No. 3 - Summer 2010
Sewanee's GreenHouse, Nature Journaling, Summer Calendar of Events, Caldwell Rim Trail Near Completion

Vol. 14, No. 2 - Spring 2010
Preparing a South Cumberland Action Plan, Mary Priestley to be honored at SAS Trails and Trillium, Spring Calendar of Events

Vol. 14, No. 1 - Winter 2010
Sewanee Rare Plants, Alfire Sidik in the news,Donor Roll, Winter Calendar of Events

Vol. 13, No. 4 - Fall 2009
Jubilee Jamboree, Bells and Bellflowers,The Herbarium's First Curator?, Autumn Calendar of Events

Vol. 13, No. 3 - Summer 2009
Interns at LAL, SEI and Herbarium, Lost Cove, Thank You to Our Donors, Summer Calendar of Events

Vol. 13, No. 2 - Spring 2009
Darwin and Flowers, Quests into Lost Cove, Thank You to Our Donors, Spring Calendar of Events

Vol. 13, No. 1 - Winter 2009
Herbarium Celebrates Jubilee Year, Thank You to Our Donors, Winter Calendar of Events

Vol. 12, No. 4 - Fall 2008
Constructing a History of Land Use on the Domain, Getting Acquainted with Lost Cove, Fall Calendar of Events, Buggytop Flora Project

Vol. 12, No. 3 - Summer 2008
Getting a Jump on the Hemlock Woolly Adelgid, Tennessee Leafcup, an Uncommon Plant, Summer Calendar of Events, Domain in Focus

Vol. 12, No. 2 - Spring 2008
Dr. George Ramseur - Winner of Environmental Education Award, Verbena, Spring Calendar of Events

Vol. 12, No. 1 - Winter 2008
University to Acquire Lost Cove!, Battling Exotic Pest Plants, Winter Calendar of Events, Homesite Deep in Shakerag Hollow

Vol. 11, No. 4 - Fall 2007
Two Species of Bamboo on the Domain?, Richard Winslow - Sewanee's Domain Manager, Autumn Calendar of Events, Forest Type

Vol. 11, No. 3 - Summer 2007
Global Climate Change Comes to the Domain in an Unexpected Way, From the Editor, Jim Wheeler - Combining Botany and Art, Calendar of Events, Botanical Blessing

Vol. 11, No. 2 - Spring 2007
It's All in How (Closely) You Look at it, A is for Apple, Spring Calendar of Events, A Trail Guide to Shakerag Hollow

Vol. 11, No. 1 - Winter 2007
Consider the Conifers, New Conservation Easement on the Plateau, Winter Calendar of Events, New Rare Plant for the Domain

Vol. 10, No. 4 - Fall 2006
Orchids on the Mountain, A Busy and Productive Internship, Autumn Calendar of Events

Vol. 10, No. 3 - Summer 2006
Mountain Lion Research on the Plaeau, Wild Ginger, Summer Calendar of Events

Vol. 10, No. 2 - Spring 2006
East is East and West is West?, Sign of Spring, Trails and Trillium, Spring Calendar of Events

Vol. 10, No. 1 - Winter 2006
Sewanee's New Natural History Society, Forest Research at Cross Creek, Winter Calendar of Events

Vol. 9, No. 4 - Fall 2005
Botanizing at Lake Dimmick, Searching for Clematis morefieldii, Autumn Calendar of Events, Update on Pond Research

Vol. 9, No. 3 - Summer 2005
Grasses and Others that Ilk, Nepal Grass News, Tennessee's Field Guide, Summer Calendar of Events, Our Summer Interns

Vol. 9, No. 2 - Spring 2005
Trees: Coping Beautifully with Seasonal Changes, The Rare Plant Protection and Conservation Act of 1985 Celebrates 20 Years, 18th-Century Botanist to Visit Herbarium, Spring Calendar of Events, From the Editor

Vol. 9, No. 1 - Winter 2005
His Father's Son, From the Editor, Calendar of Events, Sewanee Spring Wildflowers, Letter to the Editor, News from the LAL

Vol. 8, No. 4 - Fall 2004
Late Bloomers, Plateau Ephemeral Ponds, Autumn Calendar of Events, All Taxa Biodiversity Inventory for State Parks

Vol. 8, No. 3 - Summer 2004
A Sense of Place, The Herbarium's Educational Outreach, Summer Calendar of Events

Vol. 8, No. 2 - Spring 2004
Sewanee's "H" Tree, Sewanee Grad Enjoys Botanizing in the Southwest, Botanical Happenings, Spring Calendar of Events, New Conservation Easement at Bridal Veil Cove

Vol. 8, No. 1 - Winter 2004
Update on the Hart's Tongue Fern in Tennessee, From the Editor, Winter Calendar of Events, Some Ferns of the Sewanee Domain

Vol. 7, No. 4 - Fall 2003
Summer 2003 Herbarium Activities, Ferns of Sewanee, Autumn Calendar of Events, Fall Creek Falls Collection

Vol. 7, No. 3 - Summer 2003
Protecting Shakerag Hollow, A Brief History of Abbo's Alley, Summer Calendar of Events

Vol. 7, No. 2 - Spring 2003
Plant-Animal Interactions on the Domain, Early Spring Weeds, Sewanee Spring Wildflowers, Spring Calendar of Events, The Moon Tree Webpage

Vol. 7, No. 1 - Winter 2003
Biologist E.O. Wilson Visits Sewanee, New Environmental Science Majors, Annual Report, Protecting Tennessee's Rare Plants, Guide to Tennessee's Woody Plants

Vol. 6, No. 4 - Fall 2002
Producing a Flora of the Domain, From the Director, Tall Fall Flowers, Autumn Calendar of Events

Vol. 6, No. 3 - Summer 2002
A Michaux Celebration, From the Director, Summer Calendar of Events, Former Students - Where are they now?

Vol. 6, No. 2 - Spring 2002
Preserving the Moon Tree and Other Members of the Campus Canopy - A Conversation with Monty Hawkins, The Biggest Threat to Natural Areas: Invasive Exotic Pest Plants, Spring Calendar of Events, The Flora of Sinking Pond

Vol. 6, No. 1 - Winter 2002 - The Mountain is Our Home, Special Issue
Grundy County - A Special Place, Edible Plants, Using Plants for Dyes, Mrs. Myers Visits GCHS, Useful Wild Plants on the South Cumberland Plateau, The Herbarium at Grundy County High School, Forest Restoration Project, Interview with Creig Kimbro, Trip to Fiery Gizzard, Grundy County High School Students Become Teachers, Visit from the Forth Graders, Working with the CDC Group, GCHS Hosts Seventh Graders, Winter Calendar of Events, Trip to the University of the South

Vol. 5, No. 4 - Fall 2001
Lobelias - Beautiful Components of Our Fall Flora, From the Editor, Autumn Calendar of Events, A New Plant Community on the Domain

Vol. 5, No. 3 - Summer 2001
Why the Great Tree Hunt?, The Big Trees, The Mountain is our Home, Summer Calendar of Events, Collection Highlights Part II

Vol. 5, No. 2 - Spring 2001
Lejeunea cardoti discovered at Sewanee, Alumni Report, Spring Calendar of Events, Collection Highlights

Vol. 5, No. 1 - Winter 2001
Augustin Gattinger at Sewanee, Sewanee's Big Trees, Alumni Report, Winter Calendar of Events, Annual Report 2000

Vol. 4, No. 4 - Fall 2000
News from the Herbarium, Alumni Report, Autumn Calendar of Events, The Aster Family

Vol. 4 , No. 3 - Summer 2000
Sewanee in Summer, Milkweeds, Summer Calendar of Events, From the Editor, Appalachian Wildflower

Vol. 4, No. 2 - Spring 2000
The Plateau Forest: No Respect, Sewanee's Trilliums, Spring Wildflower Walks, Meet our Student Workers

Vol. 4, No.1 - Winter 2000
Plants of Sewanee's Lakes, Sewanee's Graduates in Botanical Fields, Hart's Tongue Fern Update, Winter Calendar of Events, From the Editor, 1999 Annual Report

Vol. 3, No. 4 - Fall 1999
Domain 2020, Sewanee Graduates in Botanical Fields, Autumn Calendar of Events, Research Opportunity in Haiti

Vol. 3, No. 3 - Summer 1999
Sewanee Botanical Research Update, Life on a Sandstone Outcrop, Summer Calendar of Events, Biodiversity on the Mountain

Vol. 3, No. 2 - Spring 1999
The Value of Small Herbaria, 1998 a Record Year, Aliens in our Midst, Spring Wildflower Walk, Tennessee's Rarest Plant?

Vol. 3, No. 1 - Winter 1999
Deer Browse on the Domain, Annual Report 1998, More Sewanee Botany, Winter Calendar of Events, Winter Twig Key to Familiar Sewanee Trees

Vol. 2, No. 4 - Fall 1998
Domain 2020, Invasive Exotic Plants, The Fall at Sewanee, TN, USA: Some Natural History Observations 1 Oct to 18 Dec 1988, Autumn Calendar of Events, Bryophytes: A Small New World

Vol. 2, No. 3 - Summer 1998
The Weevil and Chestnut Oak, One Year Old!, Gardening with Native Plants, Summer Calendar of Events, Wildflowers of Tennessee, Spring Wildflower Activities

Vol. 2, No. 2 - Spring 1998
Unlocking the Secrets of Sinking Pond, Shakerag in the Spring, Botany at Sewanee Part IV, Spring Calendar of Events, The Hart's-Tongue in Tennessee

Vol. 2, No. 1 - Winter 1998
Dogwood Research on the Domain, Annual Report, Botany at Sewanee Part III, Winter Calendar of Events, Autumn Outreach Events - Report, Biodiversity on the Domain

Vol. 1, No. 2 - Fall 1997
Conserving Biological Diversity in Southeast Tennessee, New Brochures Promote Biodiversity on the Domain, Botany at Sewanee: A Brief Look Back, Autumn Calendar of Events, Summer Outreach Events - Report

Vol. 1, No. 1 - Summer 1997
Our New Mission, Who We Are, Botany at Sewanee: A Brief Look Back, Spring Wildflower Walks - Report, Summer Calendar of Events, Mountain Spleenwort Botanical