Beaufort, South Carolina

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The American Studies Program announces

By Land and Sea, From Slavery to Freedom: Civil War and Reconstruction in Beaufort, South Carolina
May 13 - May 31, 2020

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The American Studies Program is pleased to announce a sequence of two courses, including a 2.5-week intensive session taught by Sewanee faculty on location in historic Beaufort, South Carolina. The interdisciplinary courses incorporate the study of history, archaeology, literature, religion, and film and popular culture. Located midway between Charleston to the north and Savannah to the south, Beaufort was at the epicenter of America’s Civil War and a site for some of the most far-reaching efforts to shape the post-war South.

The sequence includes a required half-credit course (AMST 370) taught in the Easter semester by Dr. John McCardell, Vice-Chancellor of the University and Professor of History. This course will examine Beaufort’s history in light of the origins of the secession movement, the experiences of plantation slavery, the impact of invasion and war, the consequences of military defeat for white southerners and the victory of emancipation for enslaved southerners.

The intensive, full-credit course (AMST 371) commences on May 13 in Beaufort. Residing along with Sewanee instructors in this beautiful coastal city, students will immerse themselves in the rich historical landscape of the region, from the archaeological sites dating from the period of sixteenth-century European imperial conquest to the pioneering experiments that abolitionists enacted there to prepare emancipated peoples for their new lives in the Republic. The course gives special focus to the lives of those impacted by these momentous events and to the ability of indigenous cultures to sustain themselves under even the most adverse of circumstances. It includes numerous field expeditions to nearby historical sites and opportunities to meet with local experts on the region’s history and culture.

Total cost (tuition, room, board): $3,800 (students are responsible for transportation to and from Sewanee’s Beaufort campus)

Deposit (to be credited against the $3,800 cost): $1,000, due upon admission.


AMST 370. The South Carolina Sea Islands: Epicenter of Civil War and Reconstruction. (Also HIST 370; 4 hours)
AMST 371. By Land and Sea, From Slavery to Freedom: Civil War and Reconstruction in Beaufort, South Carolina (Also HIST 371; 4 hours. Prerequisite AMST 370)

For enrollment or other information, contact Woody Register (, or x1532) or any of the faculty involved. 

Admission to the course is by application only.