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Dates To Remember

Semester Due Dates


Fall Semester

July 31

Spring Semester

December 31

Summer Semester

June 1

Nelnet Payment Plan Cycle

Spring 2024 Monthly Payment Plan

4-Month Plan - December  through March 

 Payment plans are available on December 1, 2023

3-Month Plan - January through March 

Fall 2024 Monthly Payment Plan

4-Month Plan - July through October

 Payment plans are available on July 1, 2024

3-Month Plan - August through October


Adding Additional Authorized Users 

Due to federal student privacy regulations (FERPA), students must register any additional participants who will assist in managing their account or may need to speak to the University of the South regarding their personal account information. Students can grant access to their authorized users by logging into Nelnet Campus Commerce and selecting the Add an Authorized Party link. Once the required information has been entered into the online form an invitation will be sent to any potential new account users allowing them access. Students have the right to revoke this access at any time.


Methods of Accepted Payment 

Please remember to review the payment deadline for all bill payments. Payments that arrive after the posted date will be subject to a late fee penalty of 1.25% of the entire balance past due.


The Monthly Payment Plan

A payment plan is available if you are unable to pay the account balance in full. The following is required for the payment plan: 

  • A nonrefundable $40 enrollment fee is assessed and must be paid to enroll in the plan. 
  • A down payment of your first payment is to be paid upfront. 
  • Payment plans are due by the first day of each month and are subject to late fees.
  • Accepted forms of payment for payment plans are credit card, debit card, and e-check/bank draft.
  • Payments for the payment plan should not be mailed directly to the University and should be made through the online portal.
  • Payment Plans do not auto-cancel or automatically adjust when changes are made to a student’s account or financial aid. 
  • The payment plan does not carry over to the next semester; new enrollment will be required. 

To sign up for the monthly payment plan, log into your Nelnet Campus Commerce account. Payment plans can be calculated by taking the amount due each semester and subtracting the total amount of your financial aid. 

For example:

$33,265 (Fall Tuition and Fees) - $2000 (Financial Aid Example) = $31,265 (Total Payment Plan Budget)


Pay online by eCheck

You can pay online with no additional fees by using your checking account on Nelnet Campus Commerce. Enter your routing and account number when you go to finalize your payment. 


Pay Online Using a Credit or Debit Card

Credit and Debit card payments can only be made through the online system or by contacting our third-party provider. All card payments are subject to a processing fee of up to 2.75% by Nelnet Campus Commerce. You may opt to use the eCheck option instead if you prefer to avoid this fee.


Mail-in your Payment

If you wish to pay your account balance by mail please include the Student’s Name and ID number, along with a check made payable to the University of the South for the balance due. Payments can be mailed to:

University of the South

Cashier’s Office

735 University Avenue

Sewanee, TN 37383


529 / College Savings Plan Payments

All Plans are different, so be sure to check with your plan administrator about how funds are issued, the disbursement timeline, and the plan’s requirements. 

Once your student account activity and balance information is available within the Nelnet Campus Commerce website please provide a copy of this information to your plan administrator as soon as possible. Remember to check your student account frequently to see if and when the 529 payment has been applied. 

Information and inquiries regarding State 529 plans can be submitted directly to the Student Accounts office. Please contact Shawn Gibson in the  Student Accounts Office by email at or by phone at (931) 598-1347.


Apply for Financial Aid

Financial Aid will apply once you have completed all Financial Aid requirements and the Financial Aid Office has released it to your student account. All questions regarding scholarships and loans should be redirected to the Financial Aid office. They can be reached at (931) 598-1312,,, or by visiting the financial aid website


Outside Scholarships

For any outside scholarship you receive in the mail please be sure to either bring the check to the Financial Aid Office or mail it to them directly to ensure that the award is posted on your account by the payment deadline. If the funds will not arrive before the payment deadline, you may present a letter from the Scholarship Administrator to Financial Aid to receive credit for the funds until they are officially posted. 

Note that scholarship awards are split between Fall and Spring unless accompanied by a letter specifying how the funds should be awarded to the student.