The Sewanee Police Department is dedicated for serving and caring for our community members. If you are a community member who wants to participate in the Citizen Wellness Check program please contact the Sewanee Police Department.

What is the Citizen Wellness Check Program?

This is a way that our community members who are widowed/widowers, aging, or have medical issues and want someone to check on them may set up scheduled checks from the Sewanee Police Department. This program is an outreach effort by our department to ensure that our community members welfare are taken into consideration. As some in our community go through life and want to remain independent but want the reassurance that someone will check on them to ensure their well being then we encourage you to sign up for this service. 

What we can do for you?

Home Safety Surveys 

Officers will make calls to seniors’ homes to show them how to make them safer. From alarm systems and locks to lighting and cutting by shrubbery, officers will work with senior homeowners to make their homes safer and “break in” proof. 

Wellness Checks 

Residents of Sewanee may receive wellness checks via phone, text, or email from officers and/or department members of the Sewanee Police Department. This free service is designated to provide regular welfare checks to residents in our community who wish to participate in this service. Participants may determine the frequency of the contact. If the Police Dispatcher does not hear from the community member or is unable to contact the community member to check on their welfare, they will reach emergency contacts that are on file to determine the welfare of the participants. Officers may be sent to the home for a welfare check. Residents who want officers to check in at the home will be required to have an on-sight key holder or maintain a key with the police department for emergency purposes. To sign up for this service complete the Wellness Check Request Form or call the Sewanee Police Department at 931.598.1111. 

Wandering Adults
This free service identifies any potential adult wanderer, in order to assist in locating and returning them safely to their home. The Sewanee Police Department asks that if you have a family member who is suffering from a temporary or permanent condition that would cause them to become disoriented and lost to please notify the Sewanee Police Department of this matter. If you choose to participate please provide the department with the person of concerns name, address, a cell phone number if they have one, and a current photograph of the individual. In the event they become lost or are located by someone this information will assist emergency officials with returning them to their proper residence and family members. The Sewanee Police Department also asks that the name and contact information of the nearest relative or caregiver be provided as well to assist in efforts as needed. Please contact the Sewanee Police Department for any assistance in this program or complete the Wandering Adults Form.