Scott Wilson Leads the Office of Global Citizenship


Assistant Provost for Global and Strategic Partnerships
Associate Dean Office of Global Citizenship
Walter Negley Professor of Politics
Designated School Official (DSO) & Responsible Officer (RO)
B.A., Oberlin College; M.A., Ph.D., Cornell University


After twenty years as a faculty member in the Politics Department and Asian Studies Program, Scott Wilson was appointed Associate Dean for Global Education in 2016. As Associate Dean and now Assistant Provost for Global and Strategic Partnerships, he directs the Office of Global Citizenship and helps to lead globalization initiatives on campus. In 1985, he studied abroad in China, just as it was opening up its economy and society, and was so taken by the experience that he made Chinese politics and economy the focus of his research. He has lived in China for more than six years, mainly to conduct research including living in two Chinese villages for ten months. He has published two books titled Remade in China: Foreign Investors and Institutional Change in China (Oxford, 2009) and Tigers Without Teeth: The Pursuit of Justice in China (Rowman and Littlefield, 2015) and ten articles and book chapters, all on China. In 2014-15, he received a Fulbright research award to conduct research at the Research Institute on Environmental Law at Wuhan University’s Law School. During that time, he continued his study of citizen participation in Chinese environmental governance. His research and teaching have focused on China’s engagement with the global economy and citizens’ pursuit of their legal rights in China. In recent summers, Professor Deborah McGrath (Biology) and he led groups of students to conduct research on China’s environmental protection efforts. Scott was drawn to work in the Office of Global Citizenship to advance the university’s globalization efforts and the opportunity to help students understand their roles as global citizens. When not working, Scott enjoys spending time with his family, running Sewanee’s trails with his dog, and cooking.