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OCCU - Organization for Cross-Cultural Understanding 

As a club founded by the international students of Sewanee, OCCU mainly promotes cultural exchange programs that aim to strengthen bonds between the international students themselves, and bonds between the international students and the rest of the Sewanee community. Our events include dialogues/panels/discussions on cross-cultural awareness, as well as fun events (such as potlucks, culture festivals, etc) where different cultures are celebrated.

The Global Home

The Global Home's mission is to become a space for international and domestic students to create meaningful relationships while learning about, promoting, and celebrating different cultures and traditions. It is a safe space where we work to build a sense of community and belonging beyond our cultural differences. Our vision is to be more than just a house; we want to be a symbol of inclusivity and diversity for both current and future students. We hope that through the house's events and activities, we are able to provide opportunities for leadership and growth, while also helping the Sewanee community become more inclusive.

Asian Language & Culture House

The Mission of the Asian Language and Culture House is to provide a safe space for students to practice languages and different cultures, while also serving as a place for international students (and others) to be able to feel comfortable and welcomed at all times.

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