The University provides a collection of programs on the topic of sexual misconduct. Training sessions provide detailed information on the University’s policies and expectations and increase our community’s awareness of sexual violence. Below are a collection of programs, albeit not a comprehensive list of intervention or educational programs.

Online programsAll new students and every student in the college receive or have received basic education on definitions of sexual misconduct, consent and the affects of alcohol and other drugs on the body and decision making.

EQB 1.0 and 2.0 are programs for all new students as part of Orientation.

Bystander Intervention: The University provides bystander intervention training, namely Bringing in the Bystander, for a variety of groups and students across Sewanee’s community. More than 20 students and employees are trained to facilitate bystander training, and training sessions are held and managed by the University Wellness Center.

SWAG (Student Wellness Action Group) and the University Wellness Center staff provide both broad wellness training on sexual health, healthy relationships and bystander intervention with over 13 hours of training along with weekly meetings to address on-going challenges and opportunities for programming and informal support. 

Web-based material and timely warnings that aim to address prevention, reporting, and support options.

Healthy Sexuality and You is a program for all incoming freshman as part of first-year experience.

During the academic year, the Wellness Colloquium topics included both prevention and awareness programs, such as: cultivating authenticity; bystander intervention; developing resiliency; finding meaning and purpose in life; sleep health; time management; and intuitive eating and nutrition.

The “Wick” Women’s Center programs cover an array of topics and includes a week long “sexual health week” aimed at elevating student’s prevention and awareness efforts.

Student Health Fair provides important information about Sexually Transmitted Infections and healthy sexuality among other information on support services and medical care.

Sewanee Monologues is a compilation of narratives from real Sewanee students. Students are invited to submit stories anonymously, and the chosen pieces are performed by fellow students in Guerry Auditorium. Both women and men have submitted their gendered stories, and the topics range from silly to serious, the mood from comical to tragic stories of sexual misconduct.