Are all ACE Medical internships paid?


Do I have to be a certain major to get an ACE Medical internship?

No, students in ALL majors have been selected for ACE internships.

I am a freshman/sophomore. What are my chances of being selected for an ACE Medical internship?

In most cases, juniors and seniors are favored because they have taken coursework that will allow them to perform more substantial work in their internships. First-year and sophomore students are encouraged to seek shadowing or volunteering opportunities in their hometown, such as with a free health clinic, or contact a science faculty member about summer on-campus science research internships/assistantships. First-year students are rarely selected for ACE medical internships due to their competitive nature. 

How do I apply for an ACE Medical internship?

Apply for all ACE Medical internships on TigerNet. The deadline is FEBRUARY 15: Please note this new deadline for 2018. Most of the applications require the following documents:

  1. A resume
  2. A cover letter (addressed to the physician; their address can be found on their internship posting on TigerNet) fully describing why you are interested in their internship.
  3. An transcript (see instructions below)
  4. Two ACE Medical internship recommendation forms (submitted online)- Ideally, these should be from two professors. It is best to request recommendations at least one month in advance, but occasionally professors will accommodate your request if it is needed within 2 weeks. To make it as easy as possible for them, submit your request for a recommendation via email. In that email, be sure to include:
  •     Your resume (so that it can be used it to craft the recommendation)
  •     The due date for the recommendation is the same as the application deadline.
How can I get a transcript?

You can download an unofficial transcript from Banner: Login > Student Services > Academic Records > SODA > Click "Class History" link > Save as a PDF. You can also request an official transcript from the Registrar's office.

How can I improve my chances of getting an ACE Medical internship?

Everything (cover letter, GPA, experience, coursework, resume, etc.) plays a role in a successful application.

I received an ACE Medical internship last summer. Can I get one again this year?

Often, yes, but it is unlikely that you will be selected for the same internship twice.

I don't have a very high GPA. Will that hurt my chances?

Your GPA is only one of the criteria used. If your grades do not convey that you are a serious student, you will want to make sure that your cover letter explains why. Be reminded that the doctor/internship sponsor is seeking indication that you will perform well in your internship.

What do I do about housing during my internship?

Although some internships offer housing, many do not. Before you apply for an internship, be sure that you can figure out a place to live. Many students choose to live with relatives or friends during the summer. Also, many college campuses open up their dorms to summer interns for a reasonable rate. Be sure to think through this issue carefully while selecting your internships.

Can international students apply?

Yes, ACE Medical internships are available to full-time international Sewanee students. However, due to INS regulations, additional requirements are necessary. The student should contact Sewanee’s International Support Specialist (x1184) to discuss eligibility before applying for funding.

I won't be able to turn in my application on time. Can I turn it in late?

No. All the uploaded documents will be bundled and sent to the doctors/internship sponsors after the deadline.

Will it help my chances if I apply early, before the deadline?

No, all applications are gathered and sent to the doctor/internship sponsor at the same time.  It does not matter when you submit your application. The Sewanee Career Center will submit all applications to the appropriate physician for their review. Applicants may diminish their chance for the internship by submitting their application to the doctor on an individual basis before the deadline date; all applications must be submitted through Handshake.

I have everything ready but my recommendation form(s). How can I encourage my professors to submit it before the deadline?

Try to head off this problem early on: inform your professor of your deadlines, and give him/her an earlier date than which you need the letter. If you cannot get the forms submitted prior to the deadline, submit your application without the letter and indicate in your application when you expect to receive it. You might also want to talk with the Sewanee Career Center about your situation. While your application may not receive equal consideration, it is possible that it will still be considered and/or you may be placed on the waitlist.

When will I find out if I get the internship?

The response time will vary by physician. You should expect that it be several weeks before you are contacted either by the physician or the Sewanee Career Center.

What do I do now that I have been notified that I have been selected as an ACE Medical intern?

Since several Sewanee students usually apply for each internship, please be ready to accept the internship as soon as possible (do not apply for an internship that you do not really want!)

Most of the ACE medical internships are funded by the physician, so please approach any financial discussions with this generosity in mind.

I was offered two ACE Medical internships. What should I do?

As mentioned in the question above, do not apply for any internship that you would not readily accept. However, if offered an internship from one of these alums, it is acceptable for you to ask to get back with them the next day so that you can think over the offer, but you should not expect them to wait for your response for much longer than a day or two. Remember that others applied for this internship and are waiting to hear about their acceptance from the physician.

Once I get the internship, what is expected of me?

You are expected to work at least 32-40 hours a week during your internship and that you will conduct yourself in a professional manner.

What if my internship turns out to be horrible?

Please contact the Sewanee Career Center to discuss what is happening! It is Sewanee’s intent that you should have a GOOD experience, and Sewanee will work with you to help you make your situation a positive one.

What do I need to do once my internship is over?

Once you complete your internship, please submit the following documents:

  1. Evaluation Form (online)- Please ask your internship sponsor to submit an evaluation of your work as their intern, detailing the work you have completed and the quality of your performance. 
  2. Your Internship Final Report Form (online)- It is due by August 15 at midnight. Since it is often easier to write the reports when the experiences are fresh, please feel free to turn yours in early. We highly recommend keeping an internship journal to facilitate the writing of this report; it is easy to forget all the tasks and projects that you will be learning and doing. Also, please include any information that may be helpful to future interns. Please reread, edit, proofread, etc., since this will probably be published on the Sewanee Career Center website.