Accommodations to be mindful of:

  • Extended time for testing: If your student receives accommodations for “extended time for all assessments” please be sure to still provide these accommodations. Within Blackboard, faculty will have the opportunity to set specific time limits for these students.
  • Copy of Instructors Notes: Please ensure that all handouts, slides, and other lecture material have been uploaded to Blackboard. For those of you who will be utilizing zoom please ensure that you are allowing your students to rewatch lecture recordings. 
  • Absence Leniency: While the online environment will provide many of our students the support needed to ensure regular attendance for class, please offer consideration for late work to those who might be impacted by the transition and to students whose disability makes them more susceptible to illnesses. 

Accommodations that the online environment will help support:

  • Audio Recording: Many students who receive note-taking accommodations tend to rely on audio recordings for their classes. Audio recordings help our students ensure they are obtaining the correct information and allow them to continue to focus on the lecture itself. If you are planning to use Zoom for your class lectures please be sure to allow students to review the videos as needed and speak clearly into a microphone so that they can continue to have accurate notes and focus on the lecture itself. 
  • Use of laptops for written exams: The use of laptops for written assessments should be naturally taken care of through the online environment. 
  • Breaks during class and exams: Students will be responsible on their own to ensure they are stepping away as needed from lectures when appropriate. 
  • Low Distraction Environment for assessments: Students will be responsible on their own to ensure they have access to a low distraction environment during assessments. 

Practices to be mindful of: 

  • If you post a PDF please be sure that it is not an image but readable text. A good way to test where it is readable is to see if you can highlight individual lines of text. If you can, then it’s readable. If you need any assistance with making your PDFs readable please contact your Faculty Technology Coordinator
  • If you plan on using online videos as part of your class please try your best to use videos that have captions/ subtitles enabled. Videos with captions will have a “CC” box in the video progress bar or in the settings menu. Please be sure to review the captions to ensure accuracy
  • Consider making material available for printing. Some students may have disability-based reasons to reduce screen time. 

Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns by emailing or