Sewanee Career Readiness collects First Destination information from graduates of the college each year. Below is a summary of recent outcomes from the Classes of 2023, 2022, 2021, 2020, 2019, and 2018 within 6 months of their graduation date.

First Destinations 6 months after graduation

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Employers And Fellowships

For a full list of Employers and Fellowships, visit the 2010-2023 First Destinations by Major Spreadsheet. The images below include Employers and Fellowships from the past 5 years.



Here 2018-2023 first destination information is grouped by field of study to show the many institutions where Sewanee graduates who are continuing education within 6 months of graduation will earn additional degrees. Flip through using the arrows in the grey bar to view different institutions grouped by field of study. To find details like degree type and concentration, visit the 2010-2023 First Destinations by Major spreadsheet.

Average graduate school acceptance rates: business 90-95%; law 90-95%; medicine 80-85% (national average is 42%)



There were 371 Graduates in the Class of 2023. Data for 295 graduates (a knowledge rate of 79.5%) of the Class of 2023 was collected. Of those 295, 95% were employed, continuing education, in the military, or participating in a fellowship or service commitment within six months of graduation.

Knowledge rate refers to the percentage of graduates for whom information of their first destination career outcomes has been obtained. This includes survey data reported by graduates, LinkedIn profile information, and knowledge shared by reliable sources.

Find additional information about how Sewanee Career Readiness empowers students to successfully launch their early career journey here. Be sure to scroll down and check out the infographic to see the relationship between the academic area of study and career outcomes!