Sewanee Career Readiness empowers students with resources for successful professional development, leveraging competencies, confidences and connections to successfully launch their early career journey.

Liberal Arts Education

Sewanee graduates' first destinations after graduation prove that with a liberal arts education, major doesn't always equal path. Here you can see where Sewanee graduates in each major found their first experiences after graduating going back to 2010!

In an average year, 97% of the graduating class are employed, in graduate school, or participating in a fellowship or service commitment within six months of graduation. The Sewanee Network of Alumni is a valuable resource.


In recent years, the most popular sectors for Sewanee graduates to begin their early career journey are Business, Finance, and Consulting. The top career fields for Sewanee Alumni are Education, Legal, Medical, Finance/Investment, and Environmental. 


Employers who often hire Sewanee graduates include Accenture, The United States Senate, A Bar A Ranch, Nolan Transportation Group, Gallagher, William Morris Endeavor, JumpCrew, Grayback Forestry, NTT Data, Deloitte Consulting, Cumberland Trust, BlackRock, BrightHouse, Bank of America, J.P. Morgan, Regions Bank, TransitScreen, and many others.


Sewanee graduates have recently participated in the following post-graduate fellowships: Thomas J. Watson Fellowship, Teach for America, Japanese Exchange Teaching Fellowship, Peace Corps, and AmeriCorps programs including: FEMA, City Year, Impact America, VISTA. Additional information about fellowships can be found here.

Graduate and professional schools

Sewanee graduates enroll in graduate and professional schools in a wide array of subjects and fields including business, accounting, law, education, social work, medicine, health, nursing, and more! Some graduates go straight back to school while others will pursue graduate degrees later in their careers.


Click any academic areas to see the relationship between the academic area of study and career outcomes or vice versa.

Interpreting the infographic

Academic areas of study are listed on the left side of the graphic; career outcomes are listed on the right side. The size of the specific academic areas and career outcomes blocks represent the percentage of graduates included in each. English/literature, history, economics, politics, and sciences are the academic areas with the largest blocks; therefore, the majority of graduates represented majored in these areas.

  • Lines represent Sewanee graduates from the various areas of study who have found careers in the fields listed. The thickness of the lines corresponds to the number of graduates represented.
  • This infographic represents the relationship between major and the ultimate career outcomes for 9,200 Sewanee alumni.