Through observation, discussion and collaboration, first- and second-year students gain the fundamental necessities for career-readiness through workshops on resume building, career exploration, determining a major and developing a professional network.

First-Year and Second-Year Programming

We understand that first- and second-year students are in a transition process that is not only academic and social, but professional as well. This program seeks to come alongside you during your first and second year to help you build a foundational career track to support your post-graduate success. Introducing basic skills such as resume building, networking and cover letter writing will help you better understand your professional progress. We will also introduce recent Sewanee alum who can speak to your experiences directly and support you along the way.

Skills and Competencies Project

The Skills and Competencies Project creates a shared professional language so all students have equal understanding of course benefits. Through this project a short set of competencies are developed based on class participation and assigned to each syllabus. Our goal is to connect your career aspirations to your coursework, provide universal language for skills gained in all collegiate experiences and support informed decisions in the class selection process.