Originally home to the nurses who worked at Emerald-Hodgson Hospital, Phillips Hall is now offers singles and doubles to 26 upperclass women.


Some of the rooms in Phillips are arranged in suites, with two rooms sharing a bathroom in between, whereas others are singles with private bathrooms. All rooms are carpeted, and windows are furnished with blinds. Average room dimensions: Each room is unique in shape and size.


Phillips shares a parking lot with Hodgson. A comfortable common room, complete with couches, chairs, and cable television, as well as a kitchen with an adjoining dining room is located on the first floor. A study room and laundry machines are located in the basement. Phillips Hall is air-conditioned. A large porch and grill area is located on the side of the building.

Phillips Hall

  • Two twin beds 
  • Two desks with chairs
  • Two built-in closets 
  • Two dressers with five drawers each 
  • Two wall-mounted bookcases with two shelves each
  • Two wastebins
  • Full length mirror on the back of the room door
  • One room phone and two Ethernet ports