Originally the site of Emerald-Hodgson Hospital, Hodgson Hall (along with its companion residences, Phillips Hall and Emery Hall) has great historical significance for Sewanee residents. Hodgson Hall is a private coed residence hall reserved for upperclass students and is equidistant from the Fowler Sport and Fitness Center and central campus.


Hodgson has three floors, an elevator, and houses approximately 60 upper-class men and women in suites. Some of the suites have efficiency kitchens and living rooms. There are single and double rooms in each suite. All rooms are carpeted and furnished with blinds. Average room dimensions: No two rooms in Hodgson are exactly alike. Please view the below document to determine specific room dimensions.


Common rooms are located on each floor with an adjoining kitchen. The third floor holds the TV room and has a spacious roof deck; the second floor holds the most formal common room of the three, and contains a large table. In addition to the common rooms, the residence hall also has two study rooms across from the laundry room on the first floor. Hodgson Hall is air-conditioned.

Hodgson Hall

  • Two twin XL beds with approximately 14 inches of storage space under each bed
  • Two dressers with five drawers each
  • Two built-in closets with 70 inches of hanging space and shelving for extra storage
  • One full length mirror on the back of the room door
  • Two desks and chairs
  • Two waste bins and one recycling bin
  • One phone for each room and two Ethernet ports