Initially built to be the Sewanee Inn, Elliott Hall now houses 55 men from all classes in the College. Built in 1922, Elliott Hall's beginnings as the Sewanee Inn can still be seen today. Located on University Avenue, Elliott is a short walk from the newly constructed Wellness Commons and McClurg Dining Hall.


The old ballroom, located on the first floor of the west wing, was converted into first-year student doubles, complete with lofts. The east wing, which served as the rooms of the Inn, has been converted into singles and doubles, some arranged as suites, some sharing a hall bathroom. These rooms are very popular among upperclassmen. Most rooms are carpeted and all windows are furnished with blinds. Average Room Dimensions: No two rooms in Elliott are alike. Please review the document below to determine specific dimensions for each room.


Elliott has two common rooms. One is located in the foyer and serves as a sitting room, featuring a large stone fireplace. The second common room is located on the second floor balcony and overlooks the foyer. This common room has comfortable couches, cable television, and a VCR/DVD player. A full kitchen is located on the first floor and a gas grill and picnic table sit near the main entrance. Elliott Hall is air-conditioned.

Elliott Hall

  • Two twin XL beds with approximately 14 inches of storage space under each bed
  • Two wall-mounted bookcases with two shelves each
  • Two dressers with five drawers each
  • Two built-in closets
  • Two desks and chairs
  • Two waste bins and one recycling bin
  • One phone for each room
  • Two Ethernet ports